19 Jun

….I am mad…and for some reason, this post got cut off at the top…and I don’t feel like trying to make it work. So pretty much this is just a little rant of mine for last night about how I have to share a room with my sister and how my step-sister gets her own room. I have never had my own room and used to share it with two other girls. So now having to share it with the one perosn I hate the most(she hates me to) is just driving me crazy…so sorry for the major whining and whatever…

…. Before that, I have ALWAYS lived with Michelle in my room. One time I had to share a room with all three of my siblings. I need my own space. So how dose my mom decide who gets what? SHE MAKES US DRAW OUT OF A HAT. I wish for once my mom would be the adult and parent and make the best choice. But no, she does it that way. So now I have to live with the biggest slob(and that is just starting with the names) I have ever known. I don’t want to share a room Samantha. She didn’t want to share a room with me. So what now? WE HAVE TO SHARE A ROOM. I know no one wants to hear me whine and cry about something stupid, but I can’t do it any where else. I can’t tell Meaghan because she will get annoyed, I can’t talk to my dad because he wouldn’t care, and I can’t talk to Juan because I think he would think it annoying and stupid of me. But I swear, I gave them the most reasons why I should have my own room. I mean, right now, I am the one that is in my room the most. Candace is always at her boyfriend’s(who lives NEXT DOOR) and Michelle is moving. I am the one in there either on the phone(which I want to be alone while on the phone but never can be even in my room) playing the x-box, watching anime or Rocky Horror(XD) or SEWING..which I do a lot and takes up a lot of room. On top of all that, I get good grades, I hardly screw up, and I am a good kid. Candace..she is in summer school now and ALWAYS does something bad but ALWAYS gets aways with it. Me..I screw up once and there goes everything. Plus, before we moved in, Candace was an only freaken child. My god, what else can I say. Oh and what did Candace say? “I am the oldest.” ..by 6 freaken months! She has even failed a grade!! I just want my own room. Now my mom said that she didn’t want it to look like she was giving her child everything and not the step-child. GET OVER IT. Candace treats her like SHIT. Really! And of course Rusty says nothing..well, he yells at me a little. Even Samantha said she doesn’t want this. So no matter what, someone won’t be happy. So would you rather have the two people angry or one who doesn’t care much at all. I hate her. I hate this. I hate my whole family. So now I am about to go in my room(which is EMPTY right now, guess where Candace is right now? Yeah, her boyfriend’s) I want Michelle back. I better not get grounded for all the times I am going to bitch from now on. They asked for it.


Oh yeah, but in 6 months I get what I want. ..heh..thanks a bunch mom, really appreciate it.


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  1. iamahiperchick June 20, 2005 at 9:09 am #

    Sounds like crap. So Michelle ended up moving to your dad’s house? That must suck. By the way this is Ashlie Watson.

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