30 Jun

I have my own sewing spppaacee! I am so happy now! I have pictures of what my room looked liked before, but that’s on my other computer(I am still on the laptop. Score!) I cleaned my room almost all day yesterday since Michelle left. It is going to weird without her. When I go to school, I won’t be able to bother her in the halls since she is going to be in highschool. ;_; I should get her to make a xanga. She has been on the computer more but just to e-mail old friends. I will have to talk to her about it. But yes, she left yesterday and was only here for three days. All her stuff is gone. Even the huge bird cage that was used as a sugar glider cage. I heard my mom sweeping outside of my room and I thought it was the squirrel. He would always make weird sounds. But he left all the this..crap..on the wall. I had no idea what it was. Of course Michelle was in a hurry so I had to sit there for almost an hour scrubbing all of that stuff off. I had no idea what it was. When we took out the cage, we could open the door..all the way!!! ..yes, the cage was behind the door. Also, my room smells a lot better. o.0 So now I have my little sewing area set up with all my fabric and stuff. I finally got all of my fabric out of the huge tubs in the closet. But there are still a little in there since they wouldn’t fit in the smaller things. My mom was making fun of my because I labeled what was in the box things. I am crazy. XD Oh! And now I have a cute little vanity thing so I can do my makeup and feel like a cute little lolita. *giggle* ..and this would be the time that Meaghan called me gay. Yup.

Juan hasn’t called me for some time now. I talked to him Saturday night but then some of his friends came over to his house and had to let me go. Sunday I had played him on Xbox live on Halo 2 but I didn’t talk to him. I tried calling him yesterday and the day before but he isn’t there. Maybe he hasn’t been home. I don’t want to sound obsessive or anything, its just he usually calls me. Well, not when he is with his friends. I wish he would though just to tell me where he was. Gah..I sound stupid. I will just call him later today. I love you Juan. <33

I guess now I need to finish cleaning and setting up. My mom found the PS1 so now I can play the old FF games..once I get them. *sigh* I miss Juan. ..a lot…


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