1 Jul

A day in the sand! Just a few pictures of when my whole family plus Meaghan worked our asses off shoveling dirt so the bottom of the pool would be even.


This is my sister Michelle, who moved out Wednesday. Michelle and I always have a joke about the shirt she is wearing. Just so much cleavege..and she is younger than me. *dies*

Meaghan looks so cute when she is outside slave working. XD

Hehe, here is Michelle and when my whole family were outside working. At this time, it was our break while everyone else worked. So my mom just had to take a picture. I look so angry and..dirty. XD And yes, that is my anti-W Bush shirt. ❤

Juan came overrrrrrrrrrrr. He makes me so happy. ^_^ He called me yesterday. I felt so bad for him because him and Bruce had to walk all the way from Clayton’s to Juan’s…and it was like a 5 hour walk, in the middle of the night. I felt so bad. ;_; But then he called me later that day and told me he was going somewhere, but wouldn’t tell me. Then he said that he was going to a girl’s house. So I thought he was going to Bruce’s or something(he has a sister) So I was sewing and being a loser when Juan shows up in my room! I wish I would have hugged him, because that is really what I wanted to do. But I dunno, since I haven’t seen him in so long and he just showed up like that, I was shy all of the sudden. It was really weird. And for those who think that it isn’t a big deal that he came to my house; 1. He never comes over to my house, I always go over to his house-dosnet bother me though. and 2. I live about 15 minutes from the main ‘town’ you might say and riding a BIKE all the way out here is a really long time. I love him so much. <3333333333333 And he came over today too. Just there was this whole mess of things. My mom had to leave somewhere and I had a meeting to go to but Juan wasn’t there and I didn’t want to make him ride back. ❤ So I stay and then Juan shows up and my mom calls me and just tells me that no boys while she is out. I knew that, but I can’t really tell Juan to get out of my house. ;_; Plus he needed a ride. Even though my mom was mad, the meeting and just talking to her helped and now she seems to be in a better mood. But Candace has been getting away with tons of things lately so I can just use that. Muahahahha.

Also, I just got back from a colorguard meeting. Yes, I am a flagger. This year won’t be that bad though and it won’t suck up all my money. Meh. I like the pep rally stuff we are getting, but I am not that thrilled to perform at them. Juan and my friends always laugh at me. Plus, it’s in the gym with the hard wooden floor so if the flag drops, it makes the loudest freaken noise ever. ><;; Hopefully we will have better routines this year.

I have been going though all my old pictures stored away on my geocites space. I have pictures of me in 6th grade. I think I might of been a little bigger at that time then now..don’t know, I haven’t changed much. But like I said, I have a lot of pictures coming up so I am just going to post random pictures every time I post. I really want to take some pictures of my room now. I love it so much. We still haven’t gotten Candace’s bed out, but all of Samantha’s clothes and shoes are in here. But now I won’t be complaining anymore! Yeah! Plus I got a cute little vanity thing to put my makeup and all that girly stuff. It reminds of an EGL or sweet Lolita thing. ❤

My mom let me get a drink and I got this weird coke stuff because I didn’t want diet coke. It is called Coke-cola Zero. It is really weird. It’s like..I dunno..nothing at all..it is really weird. Has anyone else had this stuff. *is still drinking it.* XD


2 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous July 1, 2005 at 9:10 pm #

    I heard about that on TV. >D Sounds like Pepsi One. xDD Craptastic.
    I need to talk to you. o___o; Like…before…tomarrow. CALL ME OR IM ME, FOO’!
    >___<; And don’t say I’m cute, loser.

  2. Anonymous July 2, 2005 at 12:25 am #

    What the crap?? Meaghan is in PANTS? OUTSIDE? WORKING? Is she in pants? It looks like it, at least.
    What a weirdo. 😀
    (By the way, I’m diggin’ your shirt. )

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