7 Jul

ADVENT CHILDREN!!!…ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!! YES! Just the fact that it comes out on my birthday makes happy. Though I might be mistaken, all I saw was this banner that said “Advent Children…9/14” So now Meaghan and I need $252.45 and we can pre-order it. *cries* I want it. ;_; Everyone buy it for my birthday!! XD

Yessssss…Samantha is leaving to my grandma’s. She is leaving todayyyyy. But that means that my mom and I still have to watch Jodie and Lane. ><;; I asked my mom if I could help because I need moneeyyy. I mean, Samantha is only going to 7th grade and has almost $100 or so from babysitting. ><;;;; I am the poor teenager! And they stay over at MY house. Ok, I will shut up now. >>;

I have been looking up EGL and Lolita stuff again. This time I found all the nice labels stores like Baby The stars shine bright. I LOVE that brand. *cries* But it all costs so much. I had my little money convertor opened while I searched. The only think I could understand was the money. o.0 I did find a site called ‘Candy Fruits’ that was in english but everything STILL cost so much. Even though the dresses and shirts cost more than $100, I found some frilly umbrellas for about $30-40. But I might be wrong, I dunno. I wanna make some of the stuff though. >>;;

My mom is in my room..cleaning my drawer. o.o She said that Samantha doesn’t need so much space. Now some big band music came on..I think it’s Baptism’s music. XD If you read this Sasha, my mom likes your music. XDD Now she has left. Oh well.

Juan has been playing FF7 again and teasing me. I wanna play that sooo bad. And *sigh* yes, I have never played 7. I have played 10 though and saw the ending(I was about to beat it on my own game, the part where you go against Sin for the last time, but my PS2 was stolen along with my memory card ><;;) So I am on the phone with Juan last night..I am watching Adult Swim and my TV keeps messing up and he’s just like “I love FF7, it’s so great”
…a few seconds later…”GAH! THIS GAME IS SUCKS!”
Me: “But you just said that you love it.”
Juan:”I do, just it’s so hardddd *whinning*”
But he said that I get to play it when he is done with the first disk…well, he said either Meaghan or I..whoever wants it more. Even though it is Meaghan’s. But she is stuck so I dunno. Please let me play it Meaghan. <333

But Juan is cute..ha, he is going to hate me for saying that. Hehe, I love him. <33 We watched a HIM music video last night. Well, we were on the phone and I heard it so I went to Yahoo Music(first time >>;) and watched it. Even though it kept messing up a little, it was so pretty. And the lead singer..looks good with all that eyeshadow. The song was really nice too. I like it. I want to buy Juan one of HIM cds for him. I was going to at Christmas with my gift card, but they didn’t have it..yet they had Fugazi. o.0 But Juan said that the lead singer of HIM has a really pale face to go with the eyeshadow and that he would like that. Just Juan is tan. But Juan claimed that the lead singer is tan like him. So now I need to look up how to do the whole pale thing. I’v been wanting too though for Mana and all that. Hehe, I want to make a dress of his. Just I am new to all the j-rock stuff and do not want to make a fool out of myself.

Now, just because I was bored at the time, here are some nice little quiz things.<3

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  1. Anonymous July 8, 2005 at 1:55 am #

    hi. thanks for visiting my xanga. i’m glad you liked my yuna cosplay~!

  2. Anonymous July 8, 2005 at 1:16 pm #

    I’m going to have to eat you for stealing my icons RAWRZ
    lol yeah my music owns….*laughs*

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