20 Jul

Back from Austin. I have been meaning to write for some time. Either I am lazy, or just busy. So I went to Austin with my boyfriend, Juan so he could meet my dad and I could see him. We had a lot of fun and whatnot but it did rain almost everyday so we couldn’t do much. While we were up there though, my dad’s goal was to educate us on the current politics. Yeah yeah, most of you Probably think politics is stupid. Well, he talked to Juan and I both and OH my fucking God. The things that he brought up and he showed us were so amazing. I can’t believe this is going on in America. He showed us some documentaries by Alex Jones and then Fahrenheit 911. We watched Fahrenheit first to get Juan more into politics since ‘911’ is a more theatrical movie. Before we watched it though, my dad asked Juan,”Do you know who is the president and vice president are?” Juan responded with “Er, ..Bush..or something.” Well, by the end of our Austin adventure, he damn well knew who our president and vice president are.

So we watched ‘Fahrenheit 911″ and that got Juan. I have to say that I don’t like the movie all that much sense it doesn’t really dig all that deep into everything. It is a still a great documentary, don’t get me wrong. I remember us cracking up at the part where they show Brittany Spears being interviewed and she is asked something like “What do you think about the war.” She moronically responds,”I think we should just trust our President.” Yeah, like she even knows what’s going on. So this brings up one of the major issues right now that needs to be taken care of. You need to EDUCATE YOURSELVES!. Like I said, that was my dad’s main goal while Juan and I were in Austin. And we did, and we still are. Come on people, read the newspapers, go online, watch documentaries. And when I say this, I am not talking about the stupid Fake News What I mean by this is news channels such as CNN and your Local News. The reason is because the government censors our news. No surprise though. I also remember my mom asking “I never get it Ashli, if this whole thing is so big, then why isn’t it on the news, why is it that I am not hearing about this stuff going on?” Simple. You need to actually search for it. Don’t be lazy and just watch the fake news. That’s all propaganda. I haven’t even begun on the issues at hand but want to get this out first before I go on. Our government, of course, wants us to know certain things when we should learn about everything. And if you do go searching around on the net for things, of course your going to run into some bogous things. But don’t dismiss it. Look into it; check it out. Not everything is propaganda.

Ok, now that I have said that, let me get you started on your search. While I was up in Austin, I watched some really great and packed with information documentaries by the radio host Alex Jones He has a political radio station in Austin and has written and made many books and films. You can check out everything he has to say and get all the uncensored news at Infowars.com and Prisonplanet.com.

So I have presented you all of this but you must be thinking “Why are you saying this? What’s going on?” Ok, right now, we are in Iraq, yes? And according to Bush, we aren’t stopping anytime soon. We are bombing innocent civilians over there. Iraq was one of the most westerian counties in the Middle East until we came. And it’s not going how we plan. Every day we are having soldiers, our soldiers, dying out there. Why? They don’t even know. Oh yeah, I forgot, we got to capture that Boogie Man Bin Laden. Psch. Well, ya know what, Bin Laden did not bomb us. They aren’t the terrorists, we are. Yeah people, 9/11 was a hoax and so was the London bombings as well as the Oklahoma bombings. This is all true. What does a government do when they want to start a war? Hm, well, bomb something! Of course, a brilliant Idea. Kill millions of people while doing it too. Great job Bush, you really did it this time. So now we have a ‘terrorists’ among us. Oh, I’m so scared. But how do you play this war thing off? Strike fear into them. Yeah people, fear really sells. So now we have a frightful country and soldiers in Iraq. And guess what’s coming America. The Draft. Your always hearing how soldiers are dying and the rate of people recruiting has hit an all time low. What then? Yup, the draft. It’s coming, and it’s my..our generation Who will get this crap. That’s why we need to get the word out. Tell as many people as you can. My dad said that there is a way out of a draft, but it is certainly not easy. It is hard to get out a draft, but it can be done, according to my dad. But the military is a great option for kids, a really good one. Especially those who are poor and have no other way to get a higher education. But not right now. We do not need to send out soldiers to Iraq for this ruthless war, to conquer as many countries as that evil queer W. Bush wants. Would you want to die for a war your not even sure about?! You tell me.

I haven’t gotten at all that deep into all of this. I know that. I am going to start posting more about this then my everyday life. This is way more important. If we don’t act soon, I might not be able to do something like this soon. There are way more things to go into. For right now, check out those sites infowars.com and Prisonplanet.com. It’s all about to get ugly people. So do something about it now. The best thing we can do for now is educate ourselves.


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  1. Anonymous July 21, 2005 at 1:54 am #

    First of all, relax. I am big into politics myself, being an active Liberal Democrat. I feel you on most of these issues, but near the end you get out of hand.
    “Well, ya know what, Bin Laden did not bomb us.”
    He may not have, but he was part of the group that sent the terrorists. The real issue here is that SADDAM HUSSEIN did nothing to us, and we should have focused on Bin Laden. Relax.
    “Yeah people, 9/11 was a hoax and so was the London bombings as well as the Oklahoma bombings. This is all true. What does a government do when they want to start a war? Hm, well, bomb something! Of course, a brilliant Idea. Kill millions of people while doing it too. ”
    No, it happened. Seriously. No joke. Bad people actually exist.
    “Great job Bush, you really did it this time.”
    Relax sweetheart, the Oklahoma City Bombings happened 5 years before he got into office. Not his problem.
    “Strike fear into them.”
    No, that is the media, not Bush.
    The draft will not happen. Believe me, the conservatives will NOT want their children going over there, so I can give you my personal guarantee it will not happen.
    Now, don’t get me wrong, it is a good thing that you are involving your mind in politics, but you must always be sensical about these sort of things. Don’t rush out screaming these new-found bursts of information (especially in Anahuac) because it has been done. Believe me. You will get nothing back but, “You’re gay!” or some crap like that.
    Relax. Also, I don’t trust local news, especially FOX. Now THAT is a bunch of nasty damn biased conservatives if I’ve ever seen it.
    Also, I do believe that in the end, our place in Iraq could help people. Right now, it is not. Right now, we are slaughtering poor, innocent people, and are being slaughtered back. But, even though we should not have been after him in the first place, we got Saddam out of there, and he was a bad dude. I think, eventually, our place there could help the greater good. Hopefully.
    Also, yes, the war is a big issue, but first take a look at AMERICA. Look at us! We are caving in from the inside, do you realize that we are only 200 years old? We are such a young country, we are extremely vulnerable to anything. Economy is my main push into being a liberal, and I think Trickle-Down-Economics (or Reaganomics) is something I think you would find interesting. Talk about a load of crap. Do you see this deficit? We had a f***** surplus, man!
    Also, what are your moral beliefs? Just interested. Pro-life? Pro-choice? Pro-gay marriage? Anti?
    I could preach my politics all day, if I have a civil mind to listen to me. One thing you must realize is that your opinion does not matter in Anahuac. You live in a strictly Republican town. Why? Because they are all Conservative Christians who believe in imposing their faith onto everybody else.

  2. Anonymous July 21, 2005 at 2:49 am #

    hey ashli, this is karen, yah “wesley’s girlfriend”, whatevr, lol, just chekin out ur political views, lol, l8r

  3. whoneedsBEER_whenyouhaveboons July 21, 2005 at 4:20 pm #

    go juan…haha…more like his daddy everyday(clayton) lol peace out

  4. Anonymous July 23, 2005 at 2:36 pm #

    Hey thanks for the websites…nice rant *thumbs up* Ever read Farenheit 451? You should if you haven’t.

  5. Anonymous July 27, 2005 at 8:58 am #

    Go ashli!! Finally another smart young woman… who knows her polotics… Marla you are so smart as well!!

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