30 Jul

Yes, yes, I know I haven’t updated in some time. The only reason that I haven’t and why I have not been at summer band yet is because I was vacationing with family and friends at Concan(The Frio River) We went with Meaghan’s family, who have been going for almost thirty years. It’s weird. But my family just started going with them for about four years or so. We went this year together..but along with I think three more families. So we had about thirty people floating down the river. I only went down it once though. I didn’t really ‘float’ at all except for the stupid rapids and what not. I mainly swam. It was fun. When we were done, everyone was sunburned. The great thing though, I wasn’t. XDD Well, my face was, but that was all. And I didn’t even put sunscreen on. So the next day when they were going to float again, Meaghan didn’t want her sunburn to get any worse and I didn’t want to go without her, so we stayed at the cabin. I mainly read and slept. I swear, every time I tried to read Harry Potter, I had someone telling me who died. I hate spoilers, and I hate the people who just have to say it to me. This annoying kid was just like “I heard |censored| dies.” ><;;;; Then I read Anthony’s xanga and right there! GAH! I try to avoid talking to people online that I know who read it and things like that because I do not want to know. I hate it. ><;;

Well, other than my complaining and then my trip, everything was fine. Michelle and David are officially all moved out and living with my dad at this point. I got to see my dad today when we dropped them off. I love my dad a lot. He is really cool. I was talking to him today about how I haven’t seen any chem trails at all. He told me that in Austin they had about seven all at once. He also said that one was so low, he could clearly see the plane. Freaky.

But yes, I have missed the first two days of summer band. Too bad. ..XD..Anyone want to fill me in on how everything is? Ah, but this also means that I need to start my summer reading. But I can’t put Harry Potter down. ><;;

Oh well..I really need to do something. Once I am done writting, I want to call Juan so bad. But I can’t. He is still at his sister’s. I haven’t seen him for about two weeks now and last talked to him Saturday. I miss him a lot. I know that nobody wants to hear this, but I really do not care. At least he is coming back tomorrow, according to whoever I talked to on the phone while at Frio. We had no signal at all. Then all of the sudden we had about two bars and I jumped to the chance to call Juan. But sadly I think it was his sister or one of his nieces that answered. I hope he calls me when he comes back. I love you Juan. ❤

Now onto some political stuff. Marla made some points in her comment on the post below this. Most of them, though, I do not agree with. Yes, Bin Laden and his buddies did the bombings, but we knew about it. I am not completely saying that he didn’t do it at all. Yes, he did, but we were the ones behind it. And I might of sounded like Bush is the one behind all of this. Of course I know that. He is just the main leader as of now. Really, he doesn’t do anything. He is a puppet. While staying with my dad, he said a really funny thing about Bush when we saw him speaking. My dad said,”I can almost see the strings.” In fact, check out this site for more on Bin Laden’s roll.

And I still believe that there might be a draft. I mean, it would make sense too. You always hear about the military rate dropping and how nobody is signing up anymore. And more and more soldiers are dying as well.Here are some great sites talking about the draft.
Common Dreams Article

Ok, I am going to stop now, I don’t really feel like writting more. It’s Saturday morning and I wrote all of that last night. Juan should be home today. ❤ I hope he calls me. ^_^  And I might have some pictures from Frio as well. ^_^


6 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous July 30, 2005 at 2:15 pm #

    Lol! Lots of stuff….yep….what instrument do you play?
    Man I hate spoilers too…but I only like them if I ASK for them….I would of found out that [censored] died either way because I brouse xangas a lot :/

  2. SevenDeadlyPixels July 31, 2005 at 6:05 pm #

    xD Hehe. Censorship.
    You’re so whinneeeyyy!

  3. Anonymous July 31, 2005 at 10:45 pm #

    hey, thanks for the sub ^__^

  4. whoneedsBEER_whenyouhaveboons August 1, 2005 at 11:17 pm #

    juan this..juan that..juans mine get away from him..haha bye ashli

  5. ipluckedyourgstring August 2, 2005 at 5:22 pm #

    Juans mine and he even knows that so watch it or were gona fight

  6. girlie_geek August 3, 2005 at 11:40 am #

    Thanks a lot. I hope I don’t have it either; it’s on my thigh making it very difficult to walk. Hopefullly it will clear up some before Friday and I won’t have to have the wound lanced open >_<

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