3 Aug

Written at 7 in the morning…><;;….

    Juan is homeeeeeeeeeeeee. Well, he’s been home for a couple of days but still. He’s homeeeeeeeeee. <3333 I missed him so much. I went over to his house on the first day he got home on Saturday. I love him so much. ^_^ He came over here on Monday and we had fun…even if he did break my bed. XD So he fixed it with shoving stuffed animals under it to make it even. And every time I tried to tell my mom he said no. But really, it’s a little more comfortable. XD I had to wake him up this morning at 6. Yesterday he missed Cross country because he slept in. I tried to get him to go to sleep early..but he stayed up till 3. >>; Oh well, at least I got him up. Sorry Juan if I aggravated you. <33

Gah…waking up this early sucks. All you lucky kids out there who haven’t started school yet and sleeping in everyday..you guys suck. Well, I haven’t start school yet, but I have started summer band. It’s pretty much like going to school..just playing music all day. >>;; I hate it because then I get home and just sleep. And I still have not finished my summer reading. Man this sucks.

But I did get my schedule. Meaghan and I are going to try and change out last period to Art instead of Webmaster. I still kind of want to take Webmaster and show off all my photoshop sills(yeah,right, whatever loser) but Meaghan wants me to and she said it would be fun. Plus I think they do a lot more then just draw that could be of my benefit for cosplay…somehow. XD But my schedule goes a little something like this-
   1st – Band
   2nd – 1H Bio
   3rd – PAP Spanish2 – I have Fore! ><;; I avoided her all through Middle school..
   4th – Tutorials(New Thing o.o Guess it will be like Homeroom)-Berry
   5th – PAP History (or something like that)
   6th – PAP English2
   7th – PAP Algebra2
   8th – Webmastering(Or Art)

Exciting, I know. I also have to get my hair cut. I really want a wild color so badly, like pink or blue, but my school is filled with a bunch of assholes that won’t allow it. So I was looking though cosplay and I just loved this girl’s hair. The photographer is really good as well. I met him at Candy Hearts Cosplay Picnic…but I was so shy I didn’t say anything, really.Here’s the link. I also love her clothes. ❤ The only person who dosen’t like it is my mom. So it dosen’t matter. I am most likely going to get something like that.

Gah..I need to get off. We are leaving soon. Hopefully someone brought their Xbox and Halo 2 and DDR. They said they were. Yeah, we get to play games in band..on our breaks. XD Meh..oh well.

..miss Juan..<3 I love you Juan. ❤ Sorry that you have to run so early. ;_;

—-Later Today…
    Uhhh..today sucked. Well, not really, just nothing really happened. Damn rountine life. Band was the same. We dropped the hardest song called ‘Stelleto’ from the show. Makes me sad. ;_; I really liked that song, even if it was challegning. Though, I didn’t have a hard time really since I had second part. Haha, first time too. Oh and I play the flute Sasha. =^_^= Oh and I flag as well..><;;.. But the music we have now isn’t bad at all. Heckeman said we might have it added in later but I don’t think that will happen. I don’t know, something has been wrong with the band lately. I mean, we can’t count simple freakedn rythms anymore. It’s really weird. We better step it up though, because school is about to start. ><;;;; Oh and Marla is a great drum major. I have way more respect for her than..er..present drum majors. Great job Marla, your doing great. ^_^

Oh yes, I have a kitty cat now. =^_^= As some of you might know, my first cat named Tius died a while back. Rusty just had to let him out and Grace, Michelle’s german shepard attacked it. And it was getting a lot better too and starting to look really nice. ;_; But now I have another cat. I have to say, I still miss Tius, but I will have to make do. This time it’s a she. I got her from Kristina. Thanks alot Kristina! I love her. ^_^ She has gotten a little more used to my house. When we first got her, she was a little hestiant..then took a poo on my bed! ..then Candace’s. Now she uses the litter box. Yeah! The only thing that I hate about her(well, not really hate) is how she attcks me when I am trying to draft patterns. ><;;; She put so many holes in my paper. I don’t really have a table to draft on, so I have to do it on my floor, so she attacks. But then a spider came up and she attacked it. Kept her distracked for a minute. >>;; Oh well, she’s still adorable.

I think that episode of Family Guy is on where Meg becomes a flagger. I think it’s funny, but Juan always laughs at it because I’m a flagger. So then he makes fun of me. >>; Since I’m not in athletics anymore, I have to do something. Oh well.

Juan said he was going to church tonight. I was kind of freaked out by it but he said it was the only way he could meet up with Steven. o.0 I hope ya have fun Juan. Learn about Jesus! Whheee! …and I don’t mean to offend anybody..but this is my xanga..and that’s how I feel..meh. But he said they might go to the skate park tomorrow or he might go shopping. I dunno. But Logan invited Meaghan, Will, Juan, and I all over to his house Friday for a little party thing. Hopefully this will tell Juan that I do not like Logan in the way he thinks. We are just friends. ^_^ Saturday I am suppose to go shopping for school and Sunday going over to Juan’s. Whee..I guess. o.0

I miss Juan already. o.0; Man I am a loser. Maybe I should just go to sleep. Maybe he thinks I am his stalker or something. Gah..well..I love you Juan. ❤ Have fun and don’t be mean to the bible thumpers! ❤


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  1. ipluckedyourgstring August 4, 2005 at 5:29 pm #

    stop cheating on Juan you hoe dont think we dont know

  2. ipluckedyourgstring August 4, 2005 at 6:52 pm #

    shut your mouth juans right here and said you cheat on him with some fag

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