8 Aug

I love mah Juan so much! <33 He makes me feel all squishy and happy inside. ^_^ And he is so nice to me. <33 I you Juan. I just got off the phone with him. He just left to meet up with Stephen and Jason, I think. I went over to his house Sunday too. Had a great time. <33 He’s so sweet. I think I am going to be able to come over to his house Wednesday and Thursday. <33 But I don’t think I am going to get to go over to his house much since school is starting and we both have stuff after school. I would have band on Wednesday and Friday plus another day for flute sectionals and maybe even another for flagger and he has cross country everyday. ;_; I hope we can work around it. ^_^ But I love him, so much. <33


Ok, sorry for those who hate me being squishy and lovey-like. ^_^ Just I love him a lot. ❤ Well, school starts Thursday. My mom said Mrs. Sherman said it was because with it on Monday, the week seems to drag on so they think that by doing this, it can get us into our rountine a lot easier. Hopefully it works. I think the first two days will be used to simply issue books and whatnot. Oh well. Meaghan and I tried to change our schedules but they wouldn’t let her. o.0 They are making her take Health and Keyboarding even though she tested out of it. Now I kind of want to switch back to webmaster if Meaghan isn’t going to be there in art. ;_; And now I am not sure what lunch I have..I got myself to confused. ><;; I just hope that Juan, Meaghan, and I all get into the same lunch plus all my other friends. ❤ I still have to read Cold Sassy. Man I am freaking screwed. ><;;


We went school shopping this week. I got a really nice skirt that I love. It’s black and has the wrinkly look to it. My mom calls them peasent skirts. o.0 But they are coming into stlye now after I have always wanted one of them in Austin. They always sell them up there. But my skirt is black and really long. I got it from Ross because I am a cheap bastard. I also got most of my shirts there(all three of them) I just got some of those polo tennis looking shirts. I got one that is red with a cute little gold turtle. Catherine came over the other day and she saw my school clothes and I saw hers after riding over there and I saw we bought the same shirt from Ross. O.0 I then got some jeans(that fit so nice XD) and some black jeans. I also got some of those golfer looking pants. XD They are like brownish and pink. They are the pants, not the capris which I think Meaghan bought. Since my pants were so cheap(yeah for sales) I might cut them to be capris and style them up to my liking. Hehe.


Band is the same. We are going to start learning drills tomarrow. ><;;; So that means outside all day in the burning sun. Atleast I think I am memorizing Cordoba. We have pictures on Wednesday. I hope to Yevon that I can get my hair cut tomarrow and not after pictures on Wednesday, because that’s what my mom intended. ><;; And I can’t get it dyed either since we are broke right now. Man I wish I had a job. I could get a kick ass hair cut and dye job like Meaghan’s if I did have the money. And yes, Meaghan’s is hot and kick ass. XDD


I think I am going to go off and sew. ❤ And I love you Juan. <33


2 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous August 8, 2005 at 9:30 pm #

    sewing ❤ ^_^

  2. SevenDeadlyPixels August 8, 2005 at 10:29 pm #

    “And yes, Meaghan’s is hot and kick ass. XDD” …Ohyes.
    Yesssss…go sew, my sewing slave. BWHAHAHH!
    “there and I saw we bought the same shirt from Ross.” xDD For a moment I thought you meant the baritone player, Ross.

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