17 Aug

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I went over to Juan’s todayyyyy!! <3333 Made me so happy. And I got to stay about an hour and a half later! Rusty was suppose to pick me up at 7:30(giving me about an hour and a half with Juan) but he picked me up around 9. <333 I love you so much Juan. <33333 Thank you for everything. <33

School is ok. I noticed I can never really sleep anymore. XD I used to sleep in all my classes last year. Maybe it’s because this year the teachers actually give a shit. Or most of them. I have to say I already hate one teacher. Coach Fore. Oh my god I hate her. I admit, she is a good spanish teacher and will help me out a lot, just the way she acts. I know she plays favorites. She already hates Bruce, making her(I think) hate me as well. ><;; I sit right next to him..he’s friends with Juan and pretty much the only friend in that class. And it’s just kind of funny because she is already living up to what Michelle said when she had her in the 7th grade. Michelle said that she had her right after lunch, so she would always come in with food! And just eat it there right in class. She is a freaken teacher! And when Michelle or someone would look she would be like “You looking at my food?” Insane. So today we are in spanish and she is doing a lesson. Not that much into it, just started too and she pulls out a candy bar and eats it while she teaches and talks! Jeez!! I mean, lunch is only about a period and a half away. ><;; Then she started talking about ‘Buzzfest(a local radio rock/alt. concert) She said “I would never let my children go because first, I don’t like the music, the lyrics, and then there are the people.” GAH! My dad took my to Ozzfest when I was in the 7th grade(which rocked so much) Gah..just gets on my nerves. ><;;;

-stops ranting about stupid things-

Other than stupid teachers, most of my teachers I like. I am looking forward to writting a current events in History. Yeah..you see, I say this now but I am going to be saying how much they suck later on. XDD And now I think I am known already as the crazy conspiracy girl. XDD Either that or the ‘the angry girl’ ><;; Grrrr..I hate the world! DIE DIE DIE! ..XDD Just kidding! Today in English Brianna said something about how if we didn’t have familes to make us who we were, the world would be corriput(this was for some English related essay thing.) So I say “The world is already corrupt.” Grady turns around and says “Don’t be so angry Ashli.” or something like that. It was funny thoough, because it was a joke. XDDD I swear..I am insane.

I think I might be able to go out to Wal-mart and stuff for…FABRIC!! YEAHHH! XDD I am making a dress with an apron right now with my own pattern. Proving to be a bitch. Just trying to do stuff until I get the fabric I need for costumes. <33

I think I am going to sleep. I need to do my biology homework. Easy stuff though. I wish I had it after homeroom so I would have something to do. ><;; Maybe I will read ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ ><;; We have to read it for English. Whoo…I wanna read 1984…><;;;

I love you Juan. <333


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  1. Anonymous August 18, 2005 at 7:47 am #

    Yeah I’m always an insomniac during school nights. I never have a problem getting up and my parents know that but they make me go to bed early anyway >_< I totally can relate my teachers they are good at what they do but a bunch of little bastards! The school has tightned the security policy and stuff so it’s hard to go to the restroom or go to my locker, be late for a class and so on…
    To kill a mocking bird was great. I loved that book…Hey are you still wokring on Yuna? Or did you give up on start a new dress project?

  2. Anonymous August 18, 2005 at 7:49 pm #

    Man that one picture of you and your family…you looked so much likeYuna! Your hair anyway XD But good luck! That dress is so skanky… XD

  3. girlie_geek August 18, 2005 at 7:58 pm #

    Heh we had to read “To Kill A Mocking Bird” last year. This year it’s “Call of the Wild”, “Cold Sassy Tree” and I forgot the other one. TKAMB is a good book though. Yes! I don’t know any other Thursday fans around her either *huge hug*!!! Yes Tool totally owns me. So did APC until Emotive came out ><;; bleh!

  4. Anonymous August 19, 2005 at 1:01 am #

    yeah…there are teas, and pills, and this and that…so many things to help sleep…but…eh…I dunno ^__^”

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