3 Sep

Yeahhhhh! Once again, I am uber happy! 😀 My week has gone well so. ^_^ As Oni-con gets closer and closer I get more and more excited and giddy! I know all you anime nerds out there get the same feeling. XDD The great thing about today is that I get to go to the fabric store with Logan and Meaghan! Yeahhh! We are going to buy the stuff we need for our Harvest Moon cosplays. We are going to have five people in the group at Oni-con. The roles are: The Farmer(Juan-forced him kind of XD Either that or a cow! XD) , Elli(Me),Ann(Marla), Popuri(Brijet),Horse(Meaghan), and Sheep(Logan.) Logan and I have came together and designed some really cute animal costumes! But can’t say yet! Surpriseeee! XD It is going to be a lot of fun.

I think it’s funny how we got Marla into this. XD She said she used to be a really big anime fan when she was younger, but she said it just cost so much and she didn’t want to bother with it. But now we have sucked her in again! Muahahaah. XD During art, Logan, Will, Marla, and I all talk about cosplay and what not and Marla said she wanted to do another costume. And then somehow we got onto the subject of Sailor Moon. So now she has me wanting to get some Sailor Scouts costumes before Oni-con. XDD I don’t if we can do it, and there is always Ushicon and next Oni-con. Plus money. >>; I told Meaghan and she told me that there is no use squeezing in more costumes. XDD I dunno though, I really want to at least try. How about it Marla? ^_^

This whole weekend is like my sewing/cosplay weekend. I really don’t want another Oni-con night like last year. My my..that was a horrible night. Well, not really, since I was sewing and loved it. XD It was so ‘horrible’ because I just got back from a football game and the next day was Oni-con and Meaghan’s costume wasn’t even made. We were doing Elda(Chii) and Freya so our costumes were the same thing, just black and white. Thank god for that. It was really funny during that night..Michelle said she was going to keep me up but she was asleep on the couch ten minutes later. XDD Good times, good times. XD …and I don’t think I slept much at the con either. XD

Logan, Meaghan, and I were all on yahoo messenger last night. I have never used it before so I had bunches of fun with it. Logan and I did the little doodle thing so I took some screen caps:

One of the games of tic-tac-toe. Logan’s skulls are so cute! ❤ I ended up using hearts in later games instead of ugle X’s. ..and I won! Muahahaha. XD

Logan at first told me he drew this. He asked “How does it look? Is it ok?” So I said,”Yeah! Looks great! <3′”…then he said his sister Bree drew it. XDD Still looks cool! ❤

Then our last game. Cute suns Logan! ❤

Now I wish Juan had messenger, it would be so much fun! ^_^ But Juan is at a cross country meet right now. ;_; It was raining here so I hope nothing happens at where he is. I feel sorry for him, he had to be at the school at 6 in the morning, and on his Saturday off. ;_; But I hope he does well. I love you Juan. <333 Good luck! ^_~ <33

Last night we had a football game all the way in Newton..which is two and a half hours awya! >>;;;; Even thought the bus ride was supah long, it went by sort of fast since I was with all mah cool friends. XD We ended up waving and flashing hand signals of all sorts to people on the freeway, trying to brighten someone’s day up. Isn’t that sweet? <33 Then we played all sorts of games that were just plain amusing. XD I had a lot of fun. The game was very fun as well. The team didn’t do so good(49-7 ouch) but the band was awesome. We were all cheering so loud. So much pride even if we did lose. =^_^= Our halftime show was awesome and I had a lot of fun performing(for once) I remeember last year was horriable since it was my first time marching and flagging so I didn’t want to mess up. I am just a nervous wreck at times. >>; But this time was so different and a lot of fun. Plus I got band member of the week!! All right!!! I never get anything like this so it makes me so happy! I like to think I am improving for once! XD So now I have a little gift card thingie to McDonalds! w00t! I never go there so it’s milkshake timmmeee! Yeah!!

Oh man..another long post..oh well. XD Now I need to take a shower..I think I am going to dress all cute and lolita today on my trip. XD Can’t wait! <3333


7 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous September 3, 2005 at 12:33 pm #

    YAY for happiness!! YAY for lolly!

  2. Teppi September 4, 2005 at 1:36 am #

    Hey, thanks for subscribing!! ^^ I love your site, tis very… black and white. ^^ +2props hoyeah… hehe, see you around.

  3. Anonymous September 4, 2005 at 11:10 am #

    Gosh dude! This must have taken you an hour to write! 😀 I think you beat out some of my longest ones.
    I can’t believe you got me back into anime either. I found myself looking at it yesterday in barnes & noble. Curse you! 😀
    I think we can try the Sailor Scout costumes, I try to make mine and you make yours. 😀 Super pimpin’, we would have a freaking blast.
    And you without a doubt deserved band person oftw, we had a different person planned for this week, but you ruled them, and that person kept messing around during sets, like talking and all that. Playing with their hair at attention and such.

  4. Teppi September 4, 2005 at 2:26 pm #

    Hmm… it might end up being HappyGacktPants, or ThatsReallyAMan, but I’m not sure… I’ve been getting my levels up lately, so I might end up just renewing this gamertag. Hehe, have your friend send a Friend Request to PopcornRhonda, just make sure they give me a message telling me who they are, ’cause otherwise I’m like, “err, okay?” ^^

  5. stomponfrogs September 4, 2005 at 3:24 pm #

    Yes, I’m really excited about the Oni-con, too!!  I’m just really hoping that my friend can finish my Ed costume in time.  If not, I can always just cosplay at the Shiokazecon instead.  Yeah, the KamikazeCon is on “indefinite hiatus”, so this new one is replacing it.  Hopefully it’ll be good. 

  6. Anonymous September 5, 2005 at 1:53 am #

    Hahahaha! So happy for you! AWA about two weeks away and I haven’t started on my dress *le gasp* hmm where am I gonna get the money..? XD Man I wanna draw n my messenger *cackles*

  7. X_Vulgar_X September 7, 2005 at 10:27 pm #

    Haha Those drawings are awesome!!And Valo is HOTTTTTTT (multiple T’s) Hehe I love that poster!!! SMEXY!!

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