7 Sep

Oh my, it seems like forever since I last posted here. D: Sorry everyone. I have been very busy lately. And sorry for late comments. Just been busy. ><


But now, I am uber happy since I got a trip to the fabric store Saturday with Logan and Meaghan. I want to thank Logan’s mom so much for taking us and then helping us pay and even taking us to El Torro. I have never been to that restaruant before and it was so good. Yummm. But the fabric we bought..oh so nice. We are doing a cute little Harvest Moon group and we went ahead and bought the horse, sheep, and Elli. I have already made the horse costume and just have to make the hat thing, shoes, and buttons plus just finish it up. Then for the sheep I have to finsih the shirt and everything else..just the pants are done. And for Ellie, all I have is everything cut out and the skirt started on.


I just cleaned my room. Oh what a mess it was! Now it’s all tidy and I even set up my cute little vanity. ❤ And you know what, I have discovered someone lazier than me…my little sister Samantha. If only I had counted the many instances today where she was lazy. And then when I clean my room(wait..our room..stupid Samantha) she dosen’t clean anything at all. My mom even gets on her side. Maybe because she is working on her collge homework, but still! Geez Louis!(“yes?” ..sorry, inside joke XDD) I know I go on sometimes in art to Logan, Will, and Marla all the time about Samantha and her..stupid-ness..or something. XDD Oh well, enough of me ranting.


I got back on tonight to see if Juan e-mailed me. His phone is busy. ;_; I was going to go and sew but I wanted to talk to him. But no e-mail. ;_; I will have to wait then. He didn’t come to school today because he was sick. He has a cold. Poor baby. ❤ He said that he feels better but just has a runny nose and his throat hurts. I hope he feels better. ^_^ He sounds so cute with a runny nose. Hehe. <33 I love you Juan. <33


Marla went out and found a pretty nice wig for Sailor Meurcry at..Claries! For $12!! So cheap! So now I have to go and buy a purple wig, since the wig I have now for Faye I think is a little to short and to thin. And so now since she is going to cosplay her, I wanna cosplay Sailor Moon. The wig would be so har though. ><;; I would need a heat sealer to start off and try extenstions in order to part it. Oh well..I will think of that later.


I have early morning practice for color guard tomorrow. And then after school I have flute sectionals and then off to Meaghan’s to paper mache her Cloud sword!! I love paper macheing. It’s so much fun. ^_^ We made a little mini buster sword in order to get an idea and it was so much fun and didn’t take much time at all. ^_^ Can’t wait. Oh and I get to see Juan!! Yeah!! <33


So now I think I am going to sew. Or sleep..most likley just call Juan..and then sew. Or something like that. XD



3 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous September 7, 2005 at 11:41 pm #

    Awww so many cute projects you are working on! Aww poor sick-o XD *laughs* Being sick is no fun, nope. Salior Moon! WEE! Sewing is great…take care!

  2. stomponfrogs September 8, 2005 at 12:15 pm #

    I need to look for some white gloves for my Ed costume. I still need a pocket watch and the jackets made, too. The only things I have so far are the boots, pants, and tank top. Ah, I can’t forget the wig, either. There’s no way that I’m going to dye my hair blonde. >_<

  3. Anonymous September 8, 2005 at 6:31 pm #

    aww thanks for your coment! Yes, my mum CAN be cool…sometimes, yeah XD I am glad you like the warning!

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