9 Sep

I seem to be a lot happier lately. ^_^ I guess it’s the fact that cosplays are coming together. Plus mah birthday is Wednesday!! <33 Sweet 16! And where is my party? Oni-Con Awesome. Just awesome. I can not wait. I am just so excited. Another great thing as well, there is no game today! Score. Sadly this is going to be my last Friday night off for a very long time. ><; (Well, exclude the Oni-con weekend..skipping that Friday! XD)

Juan has another cross country meet tomarrow. Sad thing is that he has to be there really early. No talking on the phone late tonight. ;_; But good luck Juan! Everyone wish him good luck! XD I love you Juan. <333

School was the same. I have Alegbra 2 homework, but it is on slope!! Which is easy! Other than that, everything else was the same. I helped Juan study in homeroom. I love him so much. ^_^ <33

Meaghan was grounded for failing her progress report. Three weeks. ;_; Makes me so sad, because now I can’t help her with her buster sword. Her mom is making her go to after school tutorials every Tuesday and Thursday. So I am going to nice and go with her on Tuesdays. I would go Thursdays, but I have flute sectionals. ^_^ But I have to make sure she passes, because if she doesn’t, she can’t go to Oni-con! DD:

Anywho……Michelle is going to buy me a birthday gift! ^_^ All of her friends down here are going to send her something on her birthday as well. Hehe.

Hm, I don’t think I have any other nonsense to post. Oh well. I must go off and sew. ^_^ Yeah!


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  1. alchemistcurse September 9, 2005 at 7:51 pm #

    haha number 1 baby ya hi juan this is austin

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