18 Sep

Ack! I have been so busy lately. So many late nights. ><; In the small town I live in, we have one festival called Gatorfest. Our town is the “Gator Capitol of Texas” so that’s where it came from. XD Weird thing is, I was born on the very first Gatorfest. Just this year it was a Wednesday, the day before the festival began. And yes, I am 16 as on Wednesday. Muahahahahaha. Fear me and my non-driving self. XD Still need mah permit. >>;;

I was kind of sad since Michelle and David couldn’t come for Gatorfest. But no worries! They are both coming down for Homecoming Thursday! Yeah!! I miss Michelle being the life of everything and cute little David. <33 I don’t know where they are going to sleep though. o.o I talked to Michelle today and she was like “I will sleep with you, because I love you so much.” XDD Of course, she said this in her joking way. XDDD I miss them. ;_;

So Gatorfest was ok, I guess you could say. As Marla said, why does it have to be so boring? XD I was so happy though because Juan stayed with me the whole time. <333 So that makes me supah happy. I told him one of my goals this year was to buy a funnel cake. I swear, I eat those things once a year or even less. So bad for you, yet so good. Yummy. XD We also checked out this band called ‘Grand Central’ that played Saturday night on the little stage. At the beer gardin all they had were country bands. >>;; It was literally a bunch of rednecks and out of town business men getting drunk. ><;; But the band we saw were really good so Juan bought a cd. And yes Grady, Demegou(or however it’s spelled) did great. Hehe, that short guy was so angry. XDD Not really.

I had to work though at Gatorfest in order to get my free pass for the whole weekend. It was so hot. ><;; And I was working the booth alone handing out food tokens and kiddie ride bracelts. Hehe, reminds me of when Juan said “Oh I thought ‘kitty rides’ at first!” XDDD Oh I love you so much Juan. <333

After all this Gatorfest, birthday, and football game stuff, I haven’t had much time for anything. The weekends are counting down for Oni-con. Must sew…and eat…which I am going to do now. <333


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  1. Anonymous September 18, 2005 at 9:25 pm #

    OMG thank you for your comment ^___^ I am so glad you liked it! *Bows* you are too kind!Gatorfest? *Laughs* Happy birthday! ^__^ hooe you have fun with your friends! FUNNEL CAKE! Hhaha I haven’t had that in ages XD Take care!

  2. stomponfrogs September 18, 2005 at 9:52 pm #

    Gatorfest, huh?  Interesting…. Yeah, I’m counting down the days until Oni-con, also.  I can’t wait. ^^

  3. freakoflife September 18, 2005 at 11:29 pm #

    I was in austin this weekend…i didn’t know david went

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