7 Oct

Today we had the nicest weather since last year. It’s finally starting to feel like autumn! I am glad that it’s on the way, but not at the same time since I don’t have much ‘cold weather’ clothes. ;_; Maybe I can get my mom to take me shopping..or let me shop online..that would make me happy. ^_^


So as you can tell, I am home. Yeahhhhhhhhh. I really missed it. I am very happy and super grateful that it is still here, without any damage. I don’t want to go into the hurricane Rita adventure story all that much right now since I did keep my own little ‘xanga’ posts on the laptop. I might post it..I dunno. I think that if I do, it will be really for me to look back on. Oh well.


So after two weeks, I am back in school and we have power. Since we packed almost everything, I am still unpacking and getting everything in my room settled. Most of my sewing stuff is in place, except for a bag that was found last night. After I do all that, I have to get all my little posters and weird things I have everywhere up. All of it was shoved in my hopechest. ;_; And that thing is packed. I dunno, I am a weirdo who has a bunch of little plushies, figures, pictures, and random things. At least my hope-chest smells like my candles. ^_^


We started school Thursday. Some classes were a little annoying because they wanted us to write about our experiences. They wouldn’t let us do anything else, so I had to do it. It was like 4 pages long and I wasn’t done. ><;;; One reason why I hate about writing about my personal experiences. I always write so much. I think you can get an idea from my xanga posts. XD


Surprisingly we had a football game today and they wanted the band to play. The whole band pulled our half-time show together after being out for two weeks. I think we did ok for the circumstances. The football team probably had the best score all year. 67 to 0. But, we were going against the JV team from a 5A school. Why JV? I have no idea. But the only reason we went against the 5A school was because all the schools we usually play are in the area hardest hit and aren’t even in school. So we had a good time. The weather just made it better annndd we started at 5:30 so I got home at about 8:45 versus when we usually get back at 11 or so. So happy…only bad thing was that Juan said he was going to go but he didn’t. I guess I can understand; football games rant that great.


I can’t wait for tomorrow. ^_^ I am finally going to order my dressform and get some fabrics at the fabric store. Can’t wait. Andddd…Oni-con is in two weeks! So now I have only this weekend and the next to work my butt off. I don’t even want to think of it. ><;; ..but I think I can do it. =^_^= *is being supah confidant*


So now I am going to check on some things online and set the rest of my sewing stuff up. <33






Ok, I am going to go ahead and post the hurricane entries…and no, I don’t expect anyone to really read this..this is just for me. ❤




9-22-05 11:48


As of now, we are stuck in traffic only in Liberty. We aren’t even on the highway yet. We have Candace’s grandfathers truck with a trailer, Candace and I in the little truck, and my mom and Samantha in the big van with our three dogs. Well, as of now the stupid dog Scotter is with Rusty. Haha, he got lucky. XDD Yeah right. I am feeling a little better about leaving though. My step-dad was just going nuts the past few days. He has been making countless trips into Livenstion to put our things in storage and at his brother’s house. I feel better though because all of my things that I really wanted to take and not leave at all are gone and safe. We are all weary of losing the house. I have been watching the news and listening any time I can. The news has been bad so far, but there is still hope. When we last checked, the eye was predicting to hit right on where I live. My stomach just turned when the weather man drew the eye on the map, circling Chambers County. But if it moves more to the east, like to Beaumont, then we will get the better part of the hurricane, and we might even have a home to go to. I don’t know what to think right now. And plus this heat is unbearable. We don’t want the truck to overheat, so when we are stopped in traffic, we turn off the A/C and roll down the windows. I know people who are going though the same thing know what I am talking about. Plus I worry about running out of gas. So many factors to play in. Who knows what could happen. I guess for now I am going to just sit here and listen to music(oh I have mah j-rock on here!! Yeah~!) or listen to the news. This thing is getting hot on my lap anyways. Sucks as well since I can’t call anybody since Candace’s cell phone doesn’t have that many minutes let and I can’t get on the net. Oh well, I will find something. <33


9-23-05 10:53


We are in Liveingston now and we have been here since about 7 last night. The traffic was horriable all the way. In the main part of town of Livingston, it was packed. There were many time on the highway of 146 that we would complelty turn off the engine. The heat got a little better though. There were times that we could even take the dogs for a walk. But I think we got lucky because we lasted the whole way without running out of gas or anything like that.


The news now of the storm seems just a little better, but not really. They keep saying that Chambers County will be getting worst of the winds since we will be the closet to the eye. But they arn’t sure yet. The news is so mixed right now. I still don’t know what to think. It’s weakened a little, and the pressure is rising, which is really good, but it’s still a massive storm. I am still fixed on the news as you can tell. This whole aventure is making me sick.


But there is some good news, but only a little. I finnaly got a hold of Juan. I couldn’t call him on the way since I was riding with Candace and her phone had only about 30 minutes and my mom’s phone was with her. So when I got to the house we are staying at, I automaticlly called him. Every time I called it would say ‘Stystem busy’ so I had to call over and over agian and I finnaly talked to him. I was so happy to hear him. He told me he was playing Halo 2 at the time. Lucky. XD He said that when they went, it only took 2 hours since they left Wednesday. But his sister and her husband live around Houston, so he said it took them 12 hours. Crazy, yeah. Another really good thing is that he is staying somewhere close to me. We are both on the lake but we have no idea where anything else is. My mom said that when she went to the store she saw his step-dad and his neice, Anna. I knew I should have went. ><;; I was suppose to call him   last night, but I was very sleepy, the phone wasn’t going through and I was just tired. I mean, I was going on four hours of sleep. I feel so bad though. I am going to call him today, of course. I just hope everyone stays ok.


I need to call Meaghan as well. My mom said that they are just driving untill they find somewhere to stay. I hope she is ok as well. That is another person I have to call. I hope everyone is safe and have left.


I don’t know what I am doing today. I think we are just pretty much sitting around, waiting. No hope of me getting online any since Rusty’s brother(the owner of the house we are staying at) is an avid poker player and plays for real money online. Rusty is playing some as well. But I don’t mind at all. I am very thankfull for them even letting us stay here. They are being great hosts right now. They cooked really good steak last night and they have provided all the food and whatever we need since we have been here. I am really greatfull.


I think I am going to read..or watch the news more..or maybe even do my Algebra 2 homework. I don’t think Juan would be up at this time, since he always sleeps late. I will make my calls at noon I think. I don’t know.


9-24-05 12:58


Well, things are really looking up so far. We still do not know the current conditon of our house or anywhere aroung my area, but according to the places around it, things are sounding good. But for our gain is Louisana’s loss. I haven’t heard anything about how bad it was so far though and we can’t watch since the power went out at about 4 or 5 this morning. I am kind of mad though because I wanted to stay up long enough to see landfall of the eye and track it. As I have said, I have been glued to the news all day and all night, but I fell asleep. ><;


I woke up though at about 3 or 4 on account that the winds and gusts were getting a little bad. The rain wasn’t a problem at all but the wind did a lot here in Livenstion. We started cleaning up earlier today and the wind is still going, but not as bad at all. I will see if Candace can get a picture on her cell phone of the damage here. Luckly none of the windows went out and there isn’t any house damage, just a lot of trees. One large tree branch landed on top of the roof early in the morning, but I think it only did minimal damage to the roof, hopefully. I am looking out now at the road and it is just littered with leaves and branches. A big mess indeed.


As for going home, we have listened in on the radio where they are brodcasting the news channels from TV and they are saying that the traffic is as bad as it was when everyone was trying to leave. There is still no gas and the mayors of Houston and Galvestion are saying not to come. We arn’t going to leave today I think. I really want to though. I know everyone else has the same feeling. I just want to go home back to my life and to my sewing desk, and most of all, Juan. ❤ I kept having dreams of seeing him with the sleep that I did get last night. Crazy, I know. I haven’t been able to get a hold of him all day today either sin—–At this point, my laptop went dead since the battery was low and there was no power]—-


9-26-05 2:26


Man, things really suck right now. At this point we are in the nice a/c, but not at home. We are at one of Rusty’s relatives house. I think it’s Wayne’s(Candace’s grandpa) sister. She isn’t here, which makes it odd to be staying in her house. It’s very nice though and well kept. We had breakfast tacos morning which was also good. You know, it’s all good and what not, but I just want to back to my life. But as of now, it won’ be happening soon since we don’t have power at home. Sure we have a generator at home but we can’t hook it up to the main a/c unit.


When we went there yesterday, to home, we saw the damage. What got me so mad was the fact that we moved pretty much all of our stuff, like we were moving, for nothing. So now we have to move all of that stuff back and without power, it sucks and it stinks really bad. Plus we could have sat the storm out. But yes, I know that it was a good cause becaue it could have happended, just it really stucks when it dosne’t happen, but not like I wanted it to though. I am happy and grateful I even have a home. I might complain(ok, I do it a lot) but I remember what could have happened.


I talked to Meaghan just a few minutes ago. I talked to her a little when we were at home, but the cell phones never really work out there anyway. The odd thing is though that they didn’t cut off her phones in Anahuac, but in Oak Island, they did. My mom said that they don’t want anyone clogging up the lines reporting damage or something like that. Makes me mad. Stupid people. But oh well. So I talked to Meaghan and she said they were in Baytow buying some of those window a/c units for the living room and such. She said she is really bored and and wants me to come over. I asked my mom and I might go over there tomarrow.


I really need to call Juan, but Rusty is on the phone. I think he is home now. I miss him so much. I miss everything to do with him. If I could just see him for a little bit or even talk to him, it would make me so much happier. I keep thinking about him, it’s crazy. I will call him after Rusty is off the phone.


9-27-05 8:38


So I got to see Juan and Meaghan yesterday. When I called Juan, he didn’t want me to come over but wouldn’t tell me why. So when I did come over, I knew why. He was tired, hot, and annoyed. I feel so bad for him so I tried to cheer him up. I told him I would steal him away from his house to stay with me, but my mom wouldn’t let him. ;_; His family were just getting back as well so they were all cleaning up. I wonder how it is today. It’s only about 8:40 now so I will call later, in case he is asleep. I was going to call last night as well, but he was really tired and I didn’t want to take the chance of waking him up. I know how it’s like to finnaly get some sleep in a hot house and then to be woken up just sucks. So I didn’t want to do that to him. ^_^


I went by Meaghan’s house as well and her house was hot too. But they had things going well compared to most. Meaghan kept telling me how bored she was and sometimes she would just walk aroun. She can’t get on the internet either because she has DSL. I am going to see if she can stay with me here and so we can entertain each other.


But all of my plans are stalled right now since Rusty is at work and my mom went to Lowes to buy those things on top of houses that spin since the hurricane blew three out of four off. I am bored as well now. I think I can get on the internet now, since I got it hooked up last night. But it ties up the lines..well..oh well. XD


2 Responses to “”

  1. stomponfrogs October 7, 2005 at 11:33 pm #

    I’m glad that your house didn’t get damaged.  The damage here in Houston actually wasn’t that bad at all.  There was no flooding whatsoever, but there were a lot of people without power because of the strong winds.  Fortunately, our neighborhood was ok.  Yeah, my dad didn’t really want to evacuate, so we stayed at home.  We kept watching the news, and just looking at the traffic conditions changed my mind about leaving.  It took my friend about 12 hours just to travel 40 miles when he was on his way to San Antonio. 
    I can’t wait for Oni-con!!  I don’t think there’s time for my friend to finish my costume, so I don’t think that I’ll be cosplaying this year.  I might cosplay next year at the Shiokaze-con, though.  Well, I’m glad that you’re ok and at home safe and sound.  Sorry for the long comment, but I got bored.  Heh.  Stop by my site again, sometime.

  2. Anonymous October 9, 2005 at 4:13 pm #

    Yes I read through most of that *pats you on the back* Glad you are home and everything is going well! *huggles* Teh Sasha missed chu! *laughs* Oni-con huh? Ohh you’ll HAVE to post pictures! Oh yeah…what are your cosplay plans now dear? Chi? Yuna? Or Faye? I am so confused X_x
    ::Kiss kiss::

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