20 Nov

I feel like getting something done for once today. I am in the cosplay mood(when am I not though XD) but I can’t do much about it. Meaghan was last night..it’s just we need money..and a trip to the fabric store. Oh I love going there…gah. Oh yes, I applied to the local Jack in the Box and my mom turned it in for me(since I never go there..it’s a new building all the way by the highway..and I am like so very far away from it and never go anywhere but school and friend’s + Juan.) They said all I need to do is go up there when I have time to fill out this 80 question test thing. Randall works there and he said that it was on common sense stuff..”like what would you do…” things. I think I can pass it. ^_^ I hope my mom takes me today since she is….


DROPPING SAMANTHA OFF AT THE BUS STATION!! That is right, Samantha is going up to my dad’s in Austin ALL week for Thanksgiving. She will be missing school, but only 2 and a half days(stupid Hurricane Rita..our first year with a week off..) because my mom is having surgery down on her hands this Tuesday. (Poor thing..they are slicing her hands open and stuff..at least they won’t go numb or hurt anymore. <3) My mom told me that my dad was mad at me since I was not going this year. It’s just..I can’t miss school because we have tests and whatnot. Also, I really just felt like staying home. I’v been waiting for a break like this since Oni-con. Just time to really relax and be lazy. Ehh..but I don’t want to go to Candace’s grandpa’s for Thanksgiving..ew..old people..o.o


This weekend has been ok/fun. Friday night I went home hopping to get my hair cut and see Harry Potter Saturday but my mom had these chemical drawing things to do for college all day. So I went over to Juan’s. It was nice. ^_^ Then we walked over to Meaghan’s. She was asleep..I am sorry Meaghan I woke you up. ^^;;; Saturday was fun. We played Katamari…I want my PS2 back so I can play that. ;_; But oh well…We made cookies(burning some >>) for the party that was that night. It was for Meaghan’s dad who was 40 and Ashely who is a family friend who was 16. The party was fun, since I got food and Logan and Juan came to entertain us. ^_^ We had fun.


I just feel bad that I left Meaghan last night. I had a really bad headache and I just wanted to go home. I’m really sorry Meaghan. <333 I will make any costume for you!! <33…not that I already will do that…but oh well..how about Vincent? Huh?….XD I hope she isn’t mad at me.


Woah, I am back to my long posts! XDD I guess this Sunday to myself is good for me..or something. o.o And YES, Samantha isn’t here to eat all the food that we don’t have. XDDD I am so mean..oh well…both my mom and I were rejoicing at the news.


..I wonder how Juan’s aunt is doing. I swear, she is the wierdest person ever and that guy with her is a giant. XDD Meaghan knows..Meaghan and I went over to Juan’s house to play Halo and stuff..She was just..weird. XDD It was fun though. ❤


And now I am off to take a shower and then I think we are going to the bus station. Yes…muahahah. XD


I love you Juan. <33333


3 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous November 20, 2005 at 12:42 pm #

    Hey! I saw your Faye costume it really good! But thank you! My cosplay is doing fine but I haven’t started. Our Budget is really tight right now so I’m gonna wait till after the holidays. I’m gonnd do Shiroi Mana and Hosho Hannon next year for 2006 ^_^
    ::Kiss kiss::

  2. Anonymous November 20, 2005 at 3:27 pm #

    Yay for long posts!! You and Juan..so cute!!I always dream…like three of four times a night XD they are all very weird. I will, and do have fun with the RP!! *___* OH YES!! Muaha *cough* I’ll always leave comments sweetie ^_^ It’s m’job.<33 *huggles*

  3. stomponfrogs November 21, 2005 at 9:28 pm #

    I only get Thursday through Sunday off for my Thanksgiving break.  The little bastards still in high school and younger get the whole freakin’ week off.  That’s so not fair. 

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