22 Dec

Yeah!! Finals are over with and I think I only failed one! Yeah! XD ..oh well. Today went so nice. All my friends gave me something. I feel so bad because I didn’t make something. I just got back from Juan’s so late. ;_; Maybe I can make everyone some kind of New Years thing and give it to them when we get back…? XD That would be funny.

But anyways, thank you everyone for their gifts and thoughts! ❤ Will gave me a bag of yummy cookies! Thank you so much Will, I couldn't stop eating them! ^_^ Thank you Marla for the uber cute socks and the yummy chocolates and candy canes! I want to make a cute little skirt and blouse to go with the socks. Thank you Meaghan for the H.I.M. shirt *winkwink* Thank you Logan for the warm gloves and the chocolate! Thank you Bree for the wonderful picture! I will try not to be so intmidated and afraid of you! <33 And thank you so much Juan for getting me Pikmin 2. He made me feel so special when I was unwrapping it because he had wrapped it in about 5 layers of newspaper and each layer had something to do with me! Like one had the Simpsons on it, another one had a cute Panda that we both agreed look fake, and the last one was about fashion and had all these great dresses on lovely models. <3333 Oh it was so nice! I love the game too!!! I had rented Pikmin and beat it, and for him to get me Pikmin 2 makes me so happy! He told me he shouldn't have gotten it because now he won't be able to talk to me that much since I am such an addict! XD He also gave me a cute little Christmas card, because his parents made him. XD He said that his step-dad said "Girls always like cards!" I liked it, but he didn't sign it! XD That just sounds like a Juan thing. XDD He said "But why? I was going to put 'Uh, here ya go?' XDDD I love him so much. I am so happy. I love you Juan <333

Wow..I am supah happy. Maybe that’s why I went on a cleaning frenzy. o.o My mom said I had to do the dishes when I got home from school so I played Pikmin and then started on the dishes…which lead to the living room..and bathroom..just not my room. XD Yes, it is STILL dirty. Oh my. But Samantha was all aprawled out on the floor watching “Dukes of Hazard” …ew. I will clean it though, later, after I eat because I want to sew so badly!

My mom just got back from Christmas shopping and Michelle gave me ‘pats’ for cleaning. XD Now all I owe my mom is $10. Yeah! Just Samantha is being stupid…and annoying. Oh well.

Merry Christmas everyone. ^_^


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  1. Anonymous December 22, 2005 at 8:25 pm #

    Awwww what nice friends XD You and Juan are so cute. Merry Christmas and all to you! I hope you enjoy it ^____^ Cleaning…>> not something everyone enjoys, but I understand moods like that.Christmas does seem very far away, strange kinda. You are very kind, it’s always the thought that counts. ^_^ Thank you for your comment. ❤ Take care.

  2. Anonymous December 23, 2005 at 10:51 am #

    NP about commenting XD I know what you mean, I have to make time to read, or I’ll be on my PC all day. XD Half the time I am on and reading..mad world.Take care ❤

  3. the_verde_bunny December 25, 2005 at 1:54 pm #

    Thank you for mentioning me! Bree thanks you too! I promise I’ll make you that sewing kit for your B-Day!XXXX (hugs)

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