10 Mar


I made this for Juan since I bought the patch while I was in Austin and he needed something to wear it with. ^_^ I think it came out rather well for my first time at a blazer like this. It was fun to make and I can’t wait to give it to him tomorrow. The patch is pinned on at the moment since I need to fit it on him. ^_^ I hope he likes it.


On another note, I just found out Dir en grey is going to be at SXSW next Friday. How did I not find this out before?!!? The good thing is that I am already going to Austin to see my dad for spring break, so I talked to him and he said we can work it out. Since SXSW is a music festival, they have these badges that cost tons of money so you can see tons of bands. But my dad knows what goes on and said that we have a good chance of getting in just to se Diru since the club is all ages. And the other great thing, Meaghan and Juan get to go. w00t!! I am so freaking happy. I can’t wait. <33333333 Annnddd I get to see a Rocky Horror Picture Show peformance in Austin as well. I can not wait….whoooooo……crap..I need to sleep. ><


2 Responses to “Finished!!”

  1. tonyman13us March 13, 2006 at 6:10 am #

    Grrrr…you never make me anything….DOOOOM!

  2. Anonymous March 14, 2006 at 5:36 pm #

    awwwwww… how sweet! ♥ Corie

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