21 Mar

d.i.y. tips, techniques and tutorials! t-shirt reconstructions, circle skirts, and more at WhatTheCraft.com

This is a neat little forum I found a couple of days ago. If you are into crafting of any kind, please check it out. ^_^ This site is very helpful and the owner is very nice.

Wow….Spring break went by fast. I spent all my time in Austin with my dad. I had a lot of fun, but stupid Samantha and David were annoying as hell. ><; I enjoyed gettig to spend time with Michelle as well. I don’t really want to type out everything I did, so I am going to use some pictures. ^_^

First day I got there, Saturday, Michelle took me to get my nails done for the first time. I had no idea and thought before I left “I should bring my EGL Bible incase I get my nails done so I can show them something that I would like.” But I didn’t because I thought that we wouldn’t. Right when we got there Michelle asked me. XD So I just asked for this. The lady did a shitty job though and now all the diamonds fell off in a day or two. ><;;; I don’t know if I am going to get this done again though. It’s odd having fake nails and diffcult to do certain things. ><

This is my sister Michelle. She is a year younger than me. Isn’t she cute. XD Her skirt was dubbed the “mishap skirt” because she had a pair of pants and wanted to make shorts, and as she was cutting, she noticed she cut the middle part out. XDDD So now she just wears them with tights or with a bathing suit. I just had to include this belt of hers. If you know Michelle, you know this fits her very well. XDD People all the time say “I like your belt.” XDDD

Wednesday night my dad took all of us downtown just to check out South by South West. There were so many people and so many live bands. It was pretty cool. We ate out at this cool steakhouse. The steaks were good, but were swimming in this stuff. o.o

Juan and Meaghan came Thursday in order to see the Dir en grey concert with us. When they got off the bus, Juan had a his brother’s chef hat on. XD Meaghan said he wore the whole three hours up. XDDD Poor Meaghan. So Michelle made Juan help in the kitchen when she made us casadias(sp><)(yum!!). Hehe, Juan is so cute. ^_^ Oh and the little green thing was a ‘spy gun’ that shot those little nerf darts out. Juan begged for it when we went to Walgreens and so Michelle bought it for him. And it’s also a pen. XDD

This is a picture of Michelle’s dogs. The large dog is Grace and the puppy is Cinnamon. Michelle found Cinnamon and saved her from being run over. I love these dogs. ^_^ They are both so cute and fun to walk.

And now for the best pictures…the Dir en Grey concert!!!!!

Ok, I know cameras were not allow, but come on! How could resist!?

Oh and here is some more awesome shots that beat my pictures anyday. XD –>click click <–

Here are some shots of the van selling Dir en Grey items. Juan, Meaghan, and I all bought a shirt. It was so awesome. ^_^

A lot of people were dressed up but this was the only person I saw cosplaying. This costume was really good. ^_^ This is the costume Meaghan and I are planing to make, along with Toshiya’s white macabre outfit.

Here are some shots of our failed attempts to get a good shot of the whole band. You can kind of see Die..I think that’s him..can’t tell..they all dressed pretty normal for this show compared to their other costumes. As you can see the gate we were standing behind. The show was on a small stage beside a club. I was so happy though because it was outside and I was only a few feet away from the band! We were behind a gate because this show was really just for the industry(SXSW) so you had to be either have about $150 to spend on a wristband or be in the business and have a badge. So all of us poor people stood and watch from the gate. But at least I got to see them!

This picture was saved for last because it was the only good shot we got. Meaghan risked the flash to get this. XD But damn! This is such a good picture! Kyo is so cool!! It was awesome because at the beginning of the concert, he had this black button up shirt on. I told Meaghan “That won’t stay on long.” XD And sure enough it didn’t. During “The Final” he kept punching himself and making himself bleed and trying to throw up. Kyo is an awesome performing and goes through so much. Poor Kyo. ;_; But he danced too..and very sexy like too. XD One time I thought he was about to take his pants off. XDDDD He got on the front speaker and had his back towards the audience, and pulled his pants down just a little bit. XDD Man that show rocked. I am very envious of those at the New York show right now. >< Or the LA show too. …bleh..if only I was rich…


I had a supah fun time in Austin and my dad even said that Meaghan, Juan, and I could all come up again without David and Samantha(score!) And we can also earn money working for my dad so that is awesome as well. I can’t wait to go up there again! <333

Man..this is a really long post…moving along…


If you know who I am and live around me, you will know where this is. It will be at the County Library this Saturday and costs $5 to enter. There will be a team tounry and a slayer/single tourny. I will have more info on everything when Juan scans the flyer for me. The last one was a blast and we hope for more to come out to join the fun! –>If you have any questions, just e-mail me at gakishoujo1@aol.com and make sure you let me know who you are. XD <–

Also, on cosplay…I have set deadline for all the Gravitation costumes plus the Yuna songstress. I need to have them done before the last day of school so I have the summer to make more complex costumes along with j-rock costumes(shit, all my friends are obsessed too now.) I need to make a little percent thing to keep track of everything…

Oh and I can’t wait for my Cure magazine to come in! I bought the one that has Phantasmagoria on their concert at Oni-con. Can’t wait! I wish I could go see them again. ;_; Oh and also Meaghan let me borrow Dir En Grey’s Macabre 00/01 tour DVD. So cool! I wanna cosplay. ;_; …. oh and I took this quiz I found on Meaghan’s xanga. XDD

You scored as Punk. Okay!









Emo Kid












What Highschool Clique Do You Belong To?
created with QuizFarm.com

And that is it for now..happy Logan? XD I finally posted. XD Muahahaha…yeah…o.o


4 Responses to “”

  1. DeathOfSoul March 23, 2006 at 8:24 pm #

    I love your nails and your sister’s belt XD ❤
    *hugs the dogs*
    I hate you!!!!! T__T I wanted to see them so badly v_v I hope the rumor is true and they tour again in Summer <33333 I wish Kyo wouldn’t hurt himself still… but it’s so sexy how he dances, so that makes up for it XD ❤ *meow*

  2. DeathOfSoul March 23, 2006 at 8:26 pm #

    Opps… I forgot to tell you where I found the shirt XD Well I didn’t buy it (if that’s what you think). I found the pic on Closet Child (I don’t have the link right now). *meow*

  3. DeathOfSoul March 24, 2006 at 11:58 pm #

    Reply: Lucky! I want to meet them! T___T I didn’t really think about listening to them until I heard they played in America v_v If I knew about them about 2 months before I did, I probably could of asked my father if I could of stayed with him and go to the con/concert! O_o
    And I bought the calendar off e-bay ^^ mmmmmm, e-bay ❤ *meow*

  4. PuNk_PrInCeSs31 April 1, 2006 at 12:08 am #

    saturday school tomorrow.
    see you there.
    maybe this time i won’t get lechured and bored to death at breakfast. *cough cough*

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