7 Jul

Crap, I missed the last day of summer school. >>;; Oh well, hopefully they don’t enforce their rules for once. I swear, that whole class is a joke. There’s only about five people, and none of them pay attention except me…and I already know the crap since I was the only one who took Algebra 2. >>;;; Oh well, yesterday I didn’t go(I was at Meaghan’s and really didn’t want to) and today I just woke up late. Though I think my mom turned off my alarm or something without waking me up. >>; Oh well.

Yesterday I got paid! It was one of my smallest checks though because I went to drum major camp for a week. I made $188! Yeah! Juan made me buy him a Miyavi DVD from ebay. The seller had some good deals and I went ahead and bought the “Gauze” album from Dir en grey. I was hoping to find a 12012 cd or something, but it was all he had really and I thought the deal was good(only about $10) I really shouldn’t have bought it, but oh well. I haven’t bought myself something in a while(because I really don’t have the money…stupid saving for a car and cosplay XDD)

Yeah…today I get to buy all of our wigs for the group. ^___^ I can’t wait to get them in. <33

Hm, this is one of my longer posts I see. XD ……hmmm…I really wish I could go see POTC 2 today. Most likely not because my mom is super lazy. >> At work we are starting to sell POTC Happy Meals!! But the toys almost suck. The first one is a bandana. WTF? …but I still want one. I wanna wear it at work and be all “Arrrgggg!” XDD

Hope everyone has a good day. <33


3 Responses to “Guhhhhh….”

  1. NemesisWolf July 7, 2006 at 2:30 pm #

    Haha yeah it is a strange picture. It makes me laugh. *tsk tsk tsk* T.M. Revolution.. such a dorky weirdo. But I love him. =3 Congrats on making $188! *_*

  2. RagxXxDoll July 7, 2006 at 11:12 pm #

    I ended up dumping him. Nice person, aren’t I? @_@;;;

  3. RagxXxDoll July 8, 2006 at 6:24 pm #

    Omg, there were soo many people wearing those cheap-o pirate bandanas from McDonalds at the movie. >.<;;;

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