2 Aug


YES! …Tomorrow Meaghan, Juan, and I all leave for Austin to see Dir en grey Friday! YEAH! I need to go and dye those bloomers….

So yeah..been a long ass time since I last updated. o.o Yeah..lots of different things going on. I QUIT MY JOB! YES! THANK GOD! …I hated that place, but a lot of the people I worked with were fun, especially being with Juan. ^___^ And I am going to pick up my last check tomorrow before I leave. It won’t be that big, but oh well.

And…we started summer band…like last week. XDD Well, we started on Wednesday. Luckily, all that week we didn’t go out to march because it had rained for some time. I LOVE OUR SHOW MUSIC! I am so excited because it’s the first time we have had anything really musical like this for the field. Well, yeah, the past two years were ok music, but this year is the real challenge! Like, our show would usually be our entrance, the main opener song, a drum feature song(which we march to) and then a color guard feature. Not that great like those huge bands and stuff. But now, we have two full pages of music!!! YEAH! I love “Into the Storm.” It’s such a good piece to play and hopefully the drill is awesome. I know that it will be already by just what our director has told us though. Like at one part we have a “pick a note” and god does it sound crazy!! So when we are doing this we are all going to do move around in our spot..ok, that was a horrible way to describe it..oh well. o.o We get the drill tomorrow. YEAH! Our little 8th graders(who are SO freaking short and probably make up 2/3 of the band) are doing so well!!! I am very proud of them. They can all play very well and their marching is wonderful compared to how it was years before. I am excited…YEAH!. XDDD

Annnyyyywhoooo….o.o that was long…Oh yeah, I am doing cross country…well, I have been running all the practices every morning but I don’t know if I want to compete. I just want to run to loose all this nasty weight and not be an ugly fat ass Shuichi. o.o Eh,…I am just soreeeee…

Crap…I have so many things to do today~~ List time!! ❤

  • Put together an outfit for the concert to make sure I don’t look stupid. XD
  • Print out Juan’s tickets
  • Pack for Austin
  • ….try to read for my AP summer reading ><;;;;;
  • ….crap…there has to be something else I need to do….gah….AH! Take a shower. XD

Hm..anything else…? Oh well.

And I hope all the other drum majors from camp are having a good summer band. Sorry I don’t update much. ;_;

Oh and if anyone is going to the San Antonio show(Diru) let me know!!! Maybe you will see me. XD


6 Responses to “I GET TO SEE DIR EN GREY…soon!! YEAH!”

  1. stomponfrogs August 3, 2006 at 12:43 am #

    I still have yet to hear any songs from this band.  >_>

  2. Piggy_Wiggy07 August 6, 2006 at 1:17 am #

    Hola!Sounds like you are having fun!  Yeah band has been ok….kinda boring as of yet…we haven’t learned any drill and were still only playing the stuffs we got from June camp, and all we’ve done outside is basic stuffs. But anyhoo…You guys should really be able to do more.  That sucks, then again, I wish sometimes I didn’t have to do so much.  The director is going to be on my ass! You guys don’t have a score or anything?!? That’s insane! You should be able to know what you are conducting to! Lol, yeah that’s about it.  Our camp started last Monday but we had Friday off for some weird reason…we have camp again all next week and then school starts on the 14.  OMG!!! Summer went by so fast!!! I still have to do summer assignments and I only have a week left! Oh and I got a new metronome.  My other one was being retarted and just randomly stopped working….well, I’m just rambling, so ttyl! :)♥Cha

  3. stomponfrogs August 8, 2006 at 8:25 pm #

    If you look on the left side of my Xanga, you’ll see a module for my Xtracker.  That’s what I use to track the people that come to my site.  I also have a tracker from Fishcan.com because the server for Xtracker can be rather slow at times. 

  4. lordsuikoden89 August 14, 2006 at 1:58 am #

    hey ashli!
    havent talked to u in a while, seeing as how my net is acting up. in any case, i jus wanted to see how u n yer band were doin. we jus got thru with our summer band a couple of days ago n i thought it was pretty successful. we actually managed to get some of our Opener on the field ^_^
    and bout Oni-con….i dont think im going T_T  we have a football game on the 21st, which is Sat. i always go on Sat. since thats when they have the cosplay competition n everything. Fri is school, so Sun would be my only choice, and everything is done and over with by then. well, we’ll see wat happens.
    Love and Peace

  5. SaikoJ_Mitsurugi August 18, 2006 at 12:09 am #

    excuse me. But do you do anime cosplay or know anyone that does.? in austin

  6. SaikoJ_Mitsurugi August 20, 2006 at 9:59 pm #

    Yeah I know about all them. . . So your live in houston but father live here in austin do u come here for thoes cons? I’m lookin to get with a group or start own. Im a Champloo Fan and Naruto mainly. But I like lots others. I was working on this skit. but I need a Sanji from One Piece. I dont know anyone in Austin that cosplays. I been lookin everywhere. . .making bulletins on my myspace and in my myspace groups. im gonna try cosplay.com next since im a member.

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