22 Aug

*siggghhhh* Man…I have been busy. ><;; I hate how when school is about to start, you actually want to, but then you are just like “bllerhiethoei”…Well, I had that feeling, but this year I was like “Yeah, meh…I already started summer band for two freaking weeks…” I just hate school because I can be doing some many more things then some of my classes. Well, let me take that back, my classes are actually way more enjoyable than years before, except for a couple. And yeah, I startes AUgust 9th. ><;;;


DIR EN GREY WAS AWESOME!!! <3333 It made me sad that they only played for thirty minutes, but at least I was super close to them. Meaghan got some awesome pictures on her cell phone. <333 I got to shake Shinya’s hand and Die’s. <33 When I got to shake their hands, I was a little pissed because I had to <i>beg</i> my dad to pay for a CD I wanted. They told me that if I bought one of their cds I could get Diru to sign it, so I did. One thing was that super annoying was everyone that worked there were all telling me “They don’t speak english!!” ><;;; I KNOW!…Yeah…o.o…Surprisinly they had the Macabre CD for sale…for $30. So I thought it was worth it since I would be able to get it signed. Oh well..I don’t care anymore. Shinya was super cute. <33333 …but back to the show- 
Kyo did his little blood thing. <33 He was really amazing. Toshiya had bed hair…well..it was super frizzy. XD But he was cute. ❤ At one point he even came up closer to us and pulled on his shirt showing that he had an American flag on. It was shiny. XD Meaghan said it said Alaska. XD Oh! Juan was so close to getting Toshiya’s water bottle!! ><;;; He said he was so close to grabbing it from the girl who got it. XD Oh course Shinya threw his drumsticks out and this girl behind me got it, and almost emotionlessy put it in her bag. It was so weird.
 One thing that just really botherd me at the show was these two girls in the pit behind Meaghan and I. I remember while we were waiting for Diru to come on they were talking about them and I had told them that they only know a little english. So as the show went one, one of them asked me how Kyo got all that blood on him(and there was a lot, more than the show in Austin) and I told her, and she was just like “OMGAFIEHSFI”…then her friend asked me later…THEN Meaghan pointed out that they were sitting on the ground in the PIT with their fingers in their ears and saying “This is the worst show ever..blahlblahgshgu” …yeah, that was totally rude.
 Soooo…it was an awesome show and I loved it. <3333 I just wish that I could have seen them in a show that they headlined…like at their Macabre tour. <333 And I think I have gotten all their albums now(counting Meaghans) ..just signals. I know some people hate signals, but I don’t mind…I know that if I am going to buy any of their signals it has to be “Ain’t Afraid to Die.” I looovvve that song. <333



Ok….soooo..school started…I got my drivers license! …and a job at the library! THANK GOD!


GAH!….I hate this..I know there is so much I wanted to write. I just hate getting behind on here. >>; And for those people who I used to comment on, I still read my subscriptions. <33 …I’m not a weirdo stalker though. o.o


I have so many sewing related things to do. I hate having to stay after shcool because it just messes with me and I had to wait a freaking HOUR for my mom today. >> Just wait until I can get me a car..or we get new tags on the POS truck. XD …just wait…XDD


Oh yeah..! In my little town we have this thing called “Gatorfest” ..yeah..we are the ‘gator capitol’ of Texas..whoo..XD Anywhoooo, so every small town has their own little festival and their own little pageant. So this year I am being in the Queen’s pageant. I am excited. XD I have always wanted to be in one. ;_; When I moved here I was to poor to be in the little girls one, but my little sisters both got to because we had the time and money at the time. But now I get to! <33…yeah, I like dressing up. o.o I don’t care if I win or not(well, that would be nice because there is a $750 scholarship for the winner) I just want to have fun dressing up and being pretty. XDDDD


Yeah..I am a loser. I wonder who will read this whole thing…? Eh..oh well. I got to go over to Juan’s yesterday too. <33 I got to drive him to Dairy Queen. XD…and he paid. Then we went to the park and I beat his ass in a rock skipping contest. XDDD It was so funny because he kept wanting me to play against him, so the first time I picked a rock up, I skipped it 4 times and he never beat me. XD MUAHAHAHA!…yeah. o.o …I LOVE YOU JUAN! ❤


So now I am off to clean my room and get to sewing! YEAH! …I need to take progress shots. ❤


Oh yes, I am selling this wig because it wasn’t the color we wanted. Here’s the link to it on ebay(which might end soon ><) –>ebay<– It’s brand new and really nice! ❤


4 Responses to “”

  1. RagxXxDoll August 23, 2006 at 7:19 am #

    Driver’s license. Sounds fun. ^^ I get to go for my permid soon. Go me.

  2. Anonymous August 23, 2006 at 9:07 pm #

    Yeah, school sucks.  I’m glad Dir en grey was good, I’m going to see them on Friday.  Oh, and yes, the driver’s liscense is very handy.

  3. Vampire_Banana August 24, 2006 at 12:12 am #

    I wanted a job at the library so bad…T-T

  4. NemesisWolf August 25, 2006 at 7:52 pm #

    Oooo! The Diru show sounded awesome!! My show isn’t until September 17th.. but I’m excited nonetheless. x) I love how all the Dir en grey fans don’t consider the rest of the bands.. they just say “They went to the Dir en grey concert.” ^_^-b I love it. Diru is owning Family Values.

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