Hm, I should post now, shouldn’t I?

9 Nov

Well, life is going by fast for me. I feel a lot more relaxed lately because all the crazy chaos of just tons of crap are done with. Now it’s just a mad dash for the holidays. *We get a week off of school for Thanksgiving…seewwwiingg time!* ❤
I have so many pictures I want to post. ;___; But my poor laptop had DSL sickness and had to go to the doctor. So now I have been browsing with dial-up and my poor, old computer. It makes sounds…really loud sounds. I wish it would just die; poor thing. ;_;
The doctor is holding our laptop hostage though for $80. ;____;
What else can I post about..? Well, working at the library is fun. ^^ Excpet when I get behind and feel really bad. ><;; But all the ladies are so nice there. Especially Julia, she gives me popcorn and candy! XD ..I sound like a kid. XD
I get to drive on the freeway tomarrow too! ..for the first time! …Oh yes, I didn’t post this yet. I got a truck! But it’s old..and white. ><; And I hate trucks. But oh well, I got someting drive and it’s pretty big. Plus I got a cute little moogle for the back window. And Juan put a peace sign sitcker on the gas thing. XD
So Juan and I plan to go see Saw III or someting. ❤ I can’t wait. ^__^ I love being with him. ❤
OH! Meaghan and I recently orderd an An Cafe CD/DVD from CD Japan and it came in yesterday! It came in super fast, probably less than a week! I looovvvee it! And the DVD has I think three or four videos..? I know it has Escapism on it and my new favorite song that has the hand clap.(yeah, my wonderful description x.>) I love Bou. I wore my hair like his today and everyone thought it was cute! ^_^ Thank you Meaghan! <33333
…now to read my chapters in the Scarlet Letter. ><;;;
Oh and all that crap I said I was going to post, still working on it. XD One day, onnnee day…

3 Responses to “Hm, I should post now, shouldn’t I?”

  1. stomponfrogs November 10, 2006 at 7:31 pm #

    Hey!  How’ve you been?  I want to work at the library, too.  Either that or a book store like Barnes&Noble.  I made a bunch of Host Club icons, so go to if you want to check them out.  Just as a warning though, since you’re using dial up, it might kill your computer because the site’s graphics heavy.  Sorry.  ^^;;

  2. NemesisWolf November 12, 2006 at 5:24 pm #

    You must goooo! It’ll be so fun! Of course I don’t care if you post the Diru thingy. More promotion for them! =D

  3. NemesisWolf November 14, 2006 at 3:40 pm #

    Yes! *high five* XDD  Oh yeah!! I’ve seen those trading card things. I don’t really understand them entirely.. I think that if they were actual cards, and not just pictures on the internet, I’d be more interested. Ya know.. like Pokemon cards. XD

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