I have new clotheeeesss! :D

13 Mar

Juan and I went shopping(for the first time together..I think o___o three years together and this is a first) I got some cute stuff! ^_^ I got a super nice bra from Victoria’s Secret. But when I told my mom that I got it, and that it costed $45, she just called me stupid. I don’t care, I had the money(kinnnda) and I needed a new one really badly. So why not get one that lasts?! Anywho, it’s nice and soft, and really good. (Well, it better be since it cost $45 xD ) I aslo bought two shirts: one with a robot with a rainbow( He’s gay robot -RedVSBlue ref xD -) and the other with cute apple and fruity stuff. 0___o It’s really funny because I got these at Wet Seal, and when I think back to when I was in 8th grade or sometime around there, I would have never walked in there. xDDDD I was all “Hot Topic is the besttt.” I am sooooo glad I changed. Anddd, I bought some new jeans from Old Navy. When they say they are low rise, they mean it. o___o I tried some of those “skinny” jeans on(only because they were on sale for $17) and there is nooooo way I could wear those in public. I just have way to massive thighs and hips to wear them. ;__; Oh well, I guess everyone can’t be emo. xDD No, I really just wanted them because they were cheaper. x_x

…but I did buy something from Hot Topic…well, actually Juan bought it for me. ^_^ The two things I got were on sale, pretty much half off, and it still cost $20! I got this neat fabric belt that has pretty ruffles on it and this pretty necklace with beads and stuff. o__o It’s pretty. ❤ It really hate sometimes going in there. I mean, all of their clothes are soooo expensive and low quality! I hate it. And on top of that, Juan said “All of these shirts here my friends have.” So when you buy from Hot Topic, you have a 99% chance that someone you know or around you owns the same thing. x___X

Juan had more money than me so he bought me jeans and the stuff from Hot Topic anddd food.. <33 He got some extra money from his mom because he saved some money on the shoes he bought. (She gave him $100, he spent $40 *cough* I mean, $60 xD *cough* on the shoes..yeah!) He wanted to buy me a nice ring or necklace or earings, but I told him no. I didn’t want a ring yet, but I would accept earings or a necklace. xD But I really didn’t want him spending so much on me. ><;;; He loves me to much. xD And I love himmm. ^_^

*cough* This is a really long post. I guess this happens when you just woke up and ate some really nasty “Fruity Cheerios.” *dies* I want to sew…but play World of Warcraft..but then I have to go to work. Blahhh

Oh, maybe later I can use Juan’s new program he got! It’s a 12 CD program that teaches japanese!! The only bad thing is is that it dosen’t teach you how to read and write it, or as far as I have seen of it. Never know, it might. ^^

Meaghan is still in Florida..and hasn’t called me YET…I must send her a text message. I wonder how she’s doing. ^_^


 ..now I remeber one of the reasons I made this entry….Meaghan and Juan are selling some things on this forum, because we do not want to go to ebay. There are a lot things there for sale for a pretty good price. ^_^ Plenty of games, some anime, DS games, and even a Gackt picture. ^_^ So please check it out. ❤ *Click here for Sale!*

4 Responses to “I have new clotheeeesss! :D”

  1. stomponfrogs March 13, 2007 at 4:12 pm #

    I know what you mean about Hot Topic.  I was so into that store about three or four years ago, but started boycotting them because of their overly priced clothes.  It wasn’t until they started selling anime stuff there did I buy stuff from them again.  I wanted to resist, but I was too weak.  Haha. 
    I don’t know why those skinny jeans are so popular.  I don’t even bother trying those on because I know my big thighs will never fit in them.  I noticed that they make a lot of clothes for the “tall and skinny” but they should make some for the “short and chubby” like me.  XDDD

  2. NemesisWolf March 18, 2007 at 12:19 am #

    Ah yes. Hot Topic. u.u;; I won’t go into that. XD;; Well, anyway, sounds like you got some cute stuff!!
    Eesh. Yeah. It is pretty bad I guess… but it’s gotten better with my friends and I.

  3. stomponfrogs March 20, 2007 at 1:41 pm #

    I’m too weak!  I caved in and bought a pair of knee socks from Hot Topic yesterday.  Help me!  T_T  Oh, I have a PV from Gazette on my Xanga.  ^^

  4. NemesisWolf March 27, 2007 at 4:32 pm #

    XDDD Girls are so funny, I swear. We are odd.

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