Boo to TAKS~~

19 Apr

The past two days in school has been annyoingggggg. >>; I know every state has their own “standardized testing” (and if you don’t … well, you are a lucky bastard >< ) and we are taking ours right now. I hate it, and mainly because if I don’t pass, I can’t graduate next year. >>;;;;; And summer school. I hate it all.

…but in other exciting news of Ashli, I got contacts! …colored contacts. ^_^ I went to the eye doctor Tuesday to get my eyes check because I was having so many headaches. I told my mom that I thought it was just from stress, because the headaches would always come up when I had something to do in that damn english class. I was having them like three or more times a week. I tried to tell my mom that it was stress, but once I realized that in order to get my violet Shuichi contacts, I would need a prescription. Soooo I went to the eye doctor, and I have healthy, normal eyes! Yeah! And I convinced my mom into letting me the colored ones! Yeah! I am soooo glad I went ahead and did that, because if I was to wait until the con with the contacts somehow, I know I would screw my eyes up. o__o So now I have some neat green contacts(now I can cheaply have Yuna eyes!! xD ) in order to get used to putting them in and what not. I can’t wait to get the violet ones..and then the scary Kyo eyes. xD

Wednesday we had anime club and then on to rehearsing the skit for Anime Matsuri. We got it done, recorded, and burned! 😀 Thank you Oscar for all your help with the program!! It makes me soooo much happier to go to this con knowing we got it done. Meaghan for a while was questioning why we were going and spending so much money, when she wasn’t even that excited. Buttt, the truth came out today in pre-cal. xD She said that the only thing she didn’t want to do is put the skit together on the computer. But now that it’s all done(again, major kudos to Oscar ^^) we are excited abou it. Denton said he’s going to record it, so hopefully I can get it on YouTube. ^___^

Now to stop this long post. ^_~ ….seeeeeew time…maybbbe. xD


3 Responses to “Boo to TAKS~~”

  1. NemesisWolf April 20, 2007 at 3:18 pm #

    Gah! Standardized tests suuuccckkk. XDD Especially on 420. I swear, most of the kids at my school would be fucked if they did that to our school. XD

  2. stomponfrogs April 21, 2007 at 6:53 pm #

    Standardized testing does suck.  I remember having to take the practice TAAS test (before it was changed to TAKS) ever since the first grade.  >_<  Fortunately, if you passed the TAAS test in your sophomore year, you never had to take it again after that.  A lot of people were complaining that too much attention was focused on the TAAS test and not enough on other tests like the EOC, SAT, and ACT, which was true. 
    So you got contacts, huh?  That’s awesome.  I considered getting contacts for a while, but decided against it because I’m way too clumsy.  I know I’ll end up losing my contacts, or worse yet, poking my eye out trying to get it in.  XDDD  I’d love to meet you in person so that I can see your wonderful cosplay!  Dude, if you lived closer to me, I’d probably pressure you into making me a costume.  *laughs* 

  3. stomponfrogs April 27, 2007 at 2:24 pm #

    Yay for the convention tomorrow!  I hope to see you there!  ^^

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