23 May


Yes, I am the new Drum Major for Anahuac High School Marching Band. Next year is going to ROCK! I am so happy and excited. Plus I get to go back to SFA for camp! The only sad part about that is that all the friends I made last year were seniors, so now none of my friends will be there. ;_; Oh well, I guess. Just make new ones. ^_~

I hope we play Fate of the Gods. So. Much. FUN. I am ready for the challenge. I can’t wait.

So anyway, school is coming to a close very soon. I have one exam to take: Pre-Cal. *dies* I hope I pass that. I can’t wait to get out. PLUS I have Saturday AND Monday off from work. I love super holidays. I get to relax. Annnd, I don’t start my *full-time* job at the library until I think the week or so after we got of school, so I think I will have a week of just part-time work. Yeah, free relaxing time. <33

I am just so excited. Today has just been awesome. My week has been awesome. I will stop rambling. I want my steak. ;___; My mom hasn’t even started to cook yet. ;_; Oh well.

Oh yes, my mom is so sweet. ^_^ When she found out I made it, she was on her way home and picked up a gift for me! She got me one of those neat bamboo stalk/tree things that are cute. xD I have always wanted one, just never got it. o_o BUT, I feel so stupid….when I was driving to Meaghan’s, I was watching it, holding it, and making sure it didn’t fall. I turned into Meaghan’s driveway and BAM! It fell. >> It wasn’t like a bam but it was in my mind. xD Pebbles went everywhere. Luckily the bamboo is ok, and most of the pebbles are back inside. But there are still little pebbles all in my passenger seat. >> Boo. It’s all ok though and pretty. <33

HA! Earlier I said I would stop my rambling. …xD I need to finish Pokemon or do something. o_o


One Response to “YES!”

  1. Anonymous May 25, 2007 at 6:08 pm #

    Kick ass ma cherie. It’s nice to see a comment from you. I never hear from you anymore : ( glad to see you though *hugs* yes KAYA! WOOT!!
    ::kiss kiss::

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