That’s what sisters are for…

10 Sep

They pop your pimple when you need it. xDDD


I had to take Michelle all the way to Baytown today because we think she broke her arm again somehow, or at least bruised a nerve or something like that. So while we were waiting for my mom, Michelle got so annoyed by the pimple on my face she just had to pop it. Gross. I know. And it hurt. Really freaking bad. But it’s better now!! xDDD Man I have a weird family…

So over the weekend I was in the ‘Gatorfest Pageant’ …whee. Of course, like always, I won nothing. At all. The same person every time. Nothing like “OMG, she won?! No way!” It was more like “Oh yeah, ok.” I just wanted something, honestly. I felt like I was qualified at least for something.

One of the judges actually came up to me afterwards and said that I was ‘really up there’ and she admired my uniqueness. I was flattered and happier. My grandmother bought me roses and everyone was really nice to me.

We went out to eat afterwards at a nice mexican restaurant and I had a lot of fun. Even though I didn’t win anything, I felt beautiful and even more confidant than before. I have a lot ahead of me – my whole life. I can’t wait.

My mom and I talked about colleges. I sent in my first part of the application process for FIT in New York City. I can’t wait for the rest. I hope and pray I get into there. I want this so bad.

Now to study for my AP Terms test and SAT test that are tomorrow…pictures will hopefully come soon. ^__^ Tiger Army concert soooooon. So many things coming up it’s scary…

And guess who is turing 18 this Friday? Wheeee!!

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