Greetings, earthlings.

21 Aug

HEY! We’re MegaWoman and The Menace. Bet you think we’re a band, huh? WRONG. We’re just two twenty-something Asian girls with nothing better to do than pretend like people care enough about what we have to say to merit the existence of this blog.

Why The Geek Spot? Well, we just thought it’d be funny to refer to the site as The G-Spot for short. Heh, g-spot.

The Geek Spot isn’t a news blog – it’s a place for us to talk/geek out/complain about what we’re watching, reading, playing, thinking, doing, insert more gerunds here. Disclaimer: we’re not hardcore geeks, nor do we claim to be. We’re simply two chicks with a healthy interest in geeky schiz. So read this blog if you enjoy hearing awesome opinions about awesome stuff. Or if you just enjoy laughing at people who find out about things seven months after you do. We’re plebian.


2 Responses to “Greetings, earthlings.”

  1. MegaWoman August 21, 2010 at 9:25 pm #


  2. argos5 August 25, 2010 at 9:06 pm #

    good gods… LOL. when you two were trying to figure out a name… i didn’t consider this would be it.

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