If your life had a face, I would punch it.

22 Aug

I was told to write about Scott Pilgrim. But really, what is there to say about Scott Pilgrim that hasn’t already been said? The comics are awesome. The movie is awesome. Edgar Wright is my hero (and favourite director. The U is in there ‘cause he’s British, like the homage to the Motherland? Fuck yeah, spelling tributes.) Bryan Lee O’Malley is god. And he’s Asian! I feel like in our slanty-eye’dness we share a common spirit. One that likes sushi and flashes the peace sign in photos.

Scott Pilgrim’s been in my life for about six years now. It’s the first comic I really got into (give me a break – I have ovaries, okay) and is something I attribute to the beginning of my leisurely stroll down the Road to Geekiness. So, I owe Mr. Pilgrim a lot. Thanks, dude. … Must end slightly sentimental moment with something awkward. I just farted and it smells like a breakfast burrito.

Here’s where I pause to try and think of something original to say about Scott Pilgrim so that this blog develops followers and I’m not just talking to myself like the rest of you, sittin’ at your keyboards, masturbating to pictures of half-naked fairy warrior princesses that you got off DeviantArt.

Uh, something original. Right.

I would like Michael Cera to part my beef curtains. AKA vajayjay.

Go see this movie, goddammit.


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