Sh*t I’m Excited For This Week…8/26/10

26 Aug

I was supposed to post this on Monday, but I got distracted by a bunch of other things that I was super excited about.

Somewhere in my Twitter feed I did not see that the Black Rock Shooter figma and Nendoroids were released this week. If you’re an avid Nendoroid/figma/figure collector this is not news to you, because obviously you’ve been stalking these adorable-slash-uber-sexy figures since the mere mention of them a few months ago (I don’t remember when, because I was stalking other things).

My interest was also not piqued until I finally saw the OVA at the beginning of this month.

Black Rock Shooter figma promo

Black Rock Shooter figma promo, via

Dead Master figma from Good Smile Co.

Dead Master figma from Good Smile Co., image via

Personally, I prefer the PVC figure; the detail is just too meticulous! Image via

I didn’t start collecting figma/figure/Nendoroids… until the end of last year and bought 3 Death Note Petit Nendoroids and a Ryuk Nendoroid.

Ryuk hovers over Mello, Near and Misa-Misa with his apple core

Then I bought the entire CLAMP chess set at Comic-Con this year. To someone who is not familiar with these figures you may wonder why I’d bother spending money on these things when I should just spend this money on alcohol or a good noraebang session with my friends–but a good figma is a piece of art. I didn’t realize this until I got this Chun Li figure at Comic-Con… this picture does not do it justice, but the painting and sculpting are flawless. It’s pretty amazing these are mass-produced, considering the level of detail given to each piece.

Now if you ask me which figma I prefer–the Dead Master or the BR*S one, I personally prefer the Dead Master one. I guess it could be because I’m currently working on the cosplay of DM right now though. But if I had the money I would get both–I mean… BR*S’s gun is fucking badass!!

Pick up our own sexy Black Rock Shooter or Dead Master at Hobby Search! Or J-list! Or at the next anime convention you’re attending!

And don’t forget Black Gold Saw will be released later this year, the bustalicious version of Black Rock Shooter with a massive knife. I think I kind of want this one too. But now that I look at my display space I don’t really have much of that either.

Black Rock Shooter, Black Gold Saw, Dead Master, image via


3 Responses to “Sh*t I’m Excited For This Week…8/26/10”

  1. nanofleur August 26, 2010 at 1:40 pm #

    Those boots on Black Gold Saw (geta?!).

  2. Dakisu August 28, 2010 at 12:50 pm #

    That may be the first poseable figurine I’ve ever seen where the joints don’t bother me.

  3. argos5 August 29, 2010 at 12:50 am #

    there’s something about the character design about all the Black Rock characters— that i find beautifully intimidating. i’m not sure why, but it literally rapes the sunshine, rainbows, and butterflies within my soul… i fear.

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