Snikt, bub.

30 Aug

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading up on the next X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie (which will hopefully be better than the first, ‘cause if it’s not I’ll be forced to commit harakiri) and I came across a startling piece of information…


Perhaps I should have prefaced this with two things. Number one: I am an Asian female. Number two: I don’t know all that much about Wolverine’s history. I just recently got obsessively into comic books (I was only a light reader before) and I’m still learning the ins and outs of the Marvel ‘verse. It’s friggin’ overwhelming, to say the least, but I’m holding on by my pinkies. And now I know: WOLVERINE DATED AN ASIAN. If Wikipedia serves me well, he was even engaged to her at one point. Her name’s Mariko Yashida and damn, gurl got game! Apparently she’s going to be a main character in the upcoming film. My guess? It’s gonna be The Last Samurai with mutants. White man in a strange exotic Azn world. But WHATEVER, I’m just happy that there’ll be an Asian in the mainstream media (i.e. movies, cartoons) Marvel ‘verse that isn’t Lady Deathstrike. While she did look cool in X-2, if memory serves me correctly, she didn’t even have one line of dialogue. BORING. And she just generally gets on my nerves – Dragon Lady stereotype to the max, dude. (Wikipedia definition: A Dragon Lady is a misogynistic stereotype of East Asian women as mean, deceitful, domineering, or mysterious.)

But back to the whole WOLVERINE DATED AN ASIAN?!?! thing (I have to put it in all caps every time, it’s the only way to properly express my initial shock) – It makes me unreasonably happy to know that at least one superhero has a penchant for Asian women. Hey, Marvel, can we give Deadpool an Asian fetish? I mean, Wolverine’s cool and all, but I like my men with a rapier wit and a natural cleverness. Wolverine, while a bona fide undeniable badass, is a bit monosyllabic for my romantic tastes.

And, since who knows when I’ll talk about Wolverine again, here’s a link to my favorite scene from Mallrats. Whenever someone mentions good ol’ Logan, I have to quote this. I’m sure it’s become quite annoying to some of my acquaintances.

P.S. Kevin Smith is a god.

P.P.S. Check out Wolverine (and the lovely Domino) in the X-Force: Sex and Violence series. Part of a panel of the first issue is up at the top of this blog. The third, and last, issue of the series is out on September 8th. The art’s beautiful. And I may or may not have picked it up at my local comic book store because of the title. Mmm, sex and violence. Two of my favorite things. JUST KIDDING. Kinda.

One Response to “Snikt, bub.”

  1. argos5 August 30, 2010 at 7:29 pm #

    There is a popular trend where the asians always end up alone to some capacity. Lady Deathstrike doesn’t really end up anywhere. And Psylocke— man, wtf happens to Psylocke… So Wolvie goes after the red-head who’s bipolar-phoenix-rebirth-psycho, who was in a relationship with Scott, who is in the sack with the White Queen… Maybe Deadpool can jump into a universe where all the heroes are asian? Mehehehe. Now why does alter-universe Deadpool have to be a blonde girl? Hmm.

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