2 Sep

Kick-Ass was my favorite comic of ‘08/’09. Which… admittedly doesn’t mean much ‘cause I wasn’t reading too many comics on the regular at the time, mostly due to the fact that I was finishing up undergrad, working a job, teaching a university course on book to movie adaptations, pretty much broke, and… okay, I can make excuses up the wazoo, so this is where I end this paragraph.

Penned by Mark Millar, Kick-Ass is an awesome story centered around its hero, Dave Lizewski, who wonders something we’ve all pondered – why don’t normal people try to be superheroes? So Dave puts together a costume and goes to fight crime. Along the way he meets fellow vigilantes, Hit Girl and Big Daddy. Toss in a mob boss and deliciously bloody shenanigans ensue.

I’m a huge fan of both the Kick-Ass comic and the film. I’ve seen the movie at least five times since it came out on Blu-Ray and I’m still not tired of it. The part where the dude blows up in the huge microwave thing? I still laugh my ass off. The character of Hit Girl pretty much blows my face off – there’s just something so novel about watching a little girl mercilessly kill people.

I friggin’ LOVE gratuitous stylized violence in my media. Books, movies, comics, video games, you name it. So, naturally, I’m a great appreciator of Mark Millar’s body of work. His most recent original (and by ‘original’ I mean something with characters he created himself) endeavor is entitled Nemesis, which currently has two issues released. Nemesis is the story of a Batman-type – a masked vigilante who lacks powers, but uses his considerable wealth and intelligence to fight for what he believes in. Except, Nemesis’ actions are motivated by ego and vengeance – making him a supervillain character rather than a tortured hero.

Thus far, I’m unimpressed by this title. It lacks the endearing quality that Kick-Ass has and, to compare it to another of Millar’s works that I enjoy, is less darkly gritty/original than Wanted. It’s not terrible, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit disappointed with this newest addition to Millar’s library. But… I can’t be completely disappointed with a comic that features a guy exploding from an impact with a fast-moving train. Blood and guts galore!

My copy of the first issue of Nemesis reads, “BECAUSE REAL MEN GET SECOND PRINTINGS!” on the cover… and that was pretty much the deciding factor in me purchasing it. I’m just like Pinnochio, all, “I wanna be a REAL man!” Maybe the Blue Fairy will give me a penis and then I’ll finally be able to make jokes about my dick. Vagina jokes just seem to gross people out.

Nemesis issue 3 will be released on September 22nd.

One Response to “REAL MEN READ THIS BLOG.”

  1. rashomike September 2, 2010 at 9:22 pm #

    Just from the description, Nemesis seems like a whole lot of meh. I’m only just getting into Walking Dead and just recently finished GTO (which is now over 13 years old) and just for the record, I find girls making penis jokes refreshing. But yeah… vagina jokes are gross.

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