Menace’s Top Five Fictional Character Crushes

9 Sep
Li Syaoran - Card Captor Sakura / Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

One of the good boys out there, Li Syaoran (image via

5. Li Syaoran – Card Captor Sakura / Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (by CLAMP) TV Anime

Even though Li hails from Hong Kong, there is probably nothing remotely Chinese about him except his name and his battle attire, which actually seems to integrate some Arabian influence now that I recall it. He was insanely loyal to the sometimes-annoying Sakura, extremely protective, and shy. (But sometimes his loyalty to her is sickening. Maybe I’m just jealous. Whatever.) He also kicked some mischievous Clow Card ass as an elementary school student. Besides the fact I wish his character was slightly more interesting, it’s difficult not to fall for this adorable boy who just wanted to protect his one and only love!

Tuxedo Mask - Sailor Moon

I like masks... (image via

4. Tuxedo Mask – Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (1992-1993, by Naoko Takeuchi) TV Anime

I don’t know anybody who did not have a crush on Tuxedo Mask when I was in elementary school. He made all of us clumsy, awkward teen girls (like Usagi-chan) feel as though there was hope for us hopeless. Although I don’t think I was as ditsy as Usagi-chan, I was pretty  jealous at the time that he was her soulmate. He was gentler than Batman, far older than Li Syaoran, and humble–the last characteristic generally a rarity among dark-haired anime men.

Roy Mustang - Fullmetal Alchemist

Roy Mustang, keepin' it HOTTTT (image via

3. Roy Mustang – Fullmetal Alchemist (2001-2010, by Hiromu Arakawa) Manga/TV Anime

It took me a while to warm up to the ambitious, seemingly “womanizing” (we all know he really wasn’t but he made it seem like it!) Colonel that always gave Edward a hard time, but after seeing his true colors when the homunculus appeared, the Flame Alchemist became one of the characters I was deeply invested in as I read the manga. Extremely heroic and surprisingly thoughtful, Roy’s character arc is one of my favorites in the story, and I found myself rooting for him until the end.

Shinichi Kudo - Detective Conan

Oh so dreamy... (image via

2. Shinichi Kudo – Detective Conan (Case Closed-1994+, by Gosho Aoyama) TV Anime

Detective Conan was an anime I grew up watching with my family, and I still catch a few episodes here and there. I’m actually caught up on all the movies! I have quite an obsession with mystery stories and generally anything involving detectives, so Detective Conan is one of my absolute favorites. Before you call me out on being a pedophile for crushing on this detective, I specifically mean Shinichi, not Conan. Just saying. It’s kind of hard not to like a high school detective who might actually be mentally more adept than Sherlock Holmes, who is also a star soccer player on his high school team–do people in real life even exist like Shinichi?

Terry McGinnis - Batman Beyond

Brooding (kind of) and somewhat mysterious, but mostly just your everyday butt-kicking teenager who wears a leotard with a vibrant red chest design (image via

1. Terry McGinnis – Batman Beyond (1999-2001, character created by Bruce Timm & Paul Dini) TV/graphic novel

Terry McGinnis was my number one crush as a girl. (I would like to think I’m somewhat of a woman now) I won’t even hide the fact that he’s still my favorite fictional male character of all time. He is the most flawed out of all my picks, but I was always kept on my toes when I wondered how he would continue to balance his personal life with his Batman duties. I buried my face in my hands when he failed, I felt tears swell up in my eyes as he left Mr. Freeze to fate (yes I still remember that moment–one of my favorites ever in animated history), and I winced every time Inque would overpower him. He didn’t have super powers and didn’t fight strange creatures (well, Shinichi didn’t either) but he had enough emotional and past craziness in his life for me to admire him every time he overcame one of his challenges, even if it was just coming up with a new excuse to give poor Dana.

2 Responses to “Menace’s Top Five Fictional Character Crushes”

  1. argos5 September 9, 2010 at 8:57 pm #

    Only problem I have is with Tuxedo Kamen. He got his ass kicked all the time. WTF

  2. Flo September 10, 2010 at 4:41 am #

    I support this list so much. Especially character #2. Hello, childhood crush (and Kaito Kid).

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