Sh*t I’m Excited for This Week… 9/12/10

10 Sep

OMG FINALLY. TAKE FOREVER, NINTENDO AND LEVEL5! HOW LONG HAVE I WAITED FOR PROFESSOR LAYTON 3 SO I CAN THEN WATCH THE MOVIE IN PROPER PROFESSOR LAYTON SEQUENCE? I would have picked up the game in Japan last year if not for my shoddy Japanese abilities. And especially for a puzzle-heavy game as Professor Layton, I can’t really guess the context to properly solve the mysteries/riddles/understand the story.

I’m one of those people who absolutely despises English-dubbed anything that was originally in Japanese (please don’t hate me for it), but I actually don’t mind the dub in the American version of Professor Layton games. The dubs are done quite well. Luke is freaking adorable!

Professor Layton is a great departure from the usual lengthy adventure games like Legend of Zelda or the never-ending RPG I’m playing now, Dragon Quest IX. Sure, there are 200+ puzzles in each Professor Layton game, but you can speed through it within a week or less. The previous game, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, took me a mere 4 days to beat (I work during the day so I just play at night, neglecting boyfriends and …. chores). The cool thing about these games is that you can unlock passwords acquired from previous games to uncover some surprises in the new games. I say this as if it’s consistent throughout all the games even though I’ve only played two, so I’m actually just hoping the 3rd game also includes this feature.

Also, if you have never played a Prof. Layton game, I wouldn’t compare it to Phoenix Wright, which also requires a decent amount of brain function to further progress in the game. Layton is entirely puzzles and logic. If you absolutely hate using your brain and have no patience to, for example, shift blocks around in order to move a ball from the top part of the screen to the bottom part of the screen, you probably won’t enjoy the Professor Layton games. However, if your hand-eye coordination is mediocre and you have the patience to play through a couple games of Sudoku, I highly suggest Professor Layton. Since the rest of my life is pretty average, solving puzzles in these games makes me feel a slight sense of accomplishment, which is pretty pathetic I suppose.

After solving a number of puzzles, you’ll learn more about the characters through some click-through dialogue or some cute animation drawing you deeper into the main mystery. I actually look forward to the animated bits; I guess just based off the animated portions a movie was inevitable, right? (Plus, I really dig the music. It’s kind of spooky.)

So while I still have a few games on my DS that I have NOT beaten yet, I will still rush to GameStop on Sunday morning to pick up my copy of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

Just how much do I love Professor Layton? Please see the below photo of this cosplayer. I met her at Anime Expo this year (she was not in the Luke costume, by the way), and we somehow started talking about DS games. She mentioned she did a Luke cosplay previously and I would have been an idiot to turn down what could possibly be a superb and enriching friendship.

Professor Layton / Luke cosplay

Luke crossplay is awesome.

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