Geek and Gamer Girls~

13 Sep

Hey! Some hot geeky chicks (known to the internet as Team Unicorn) did a nerdy music video parody of Katy Perry’s California Girls song! And it’s way better than the original! They make a l33t reference! Pretty awesome, right?! I wanna be friends with these mofos! I like exclamation marks! Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out (click the picture to see the video):

Click me, bitch.

If those hot chicks (even this non-lesbo finds them attractive) really are geeks… well, gdamn, that’s AWESOME. Buuut I think/hope the actual point of the video was to showcase the attractiveness of geeky girls in general for being passionate about something that most girls generally aren’t interested in. Hey… waitaminute… I’m a girl who loves that stuff. Why don’t guys dig me? Is it my pasty Indoor Girl face? What? You’re saying it’s my horrid, boring, ornery personality? FUCK YOU.

ANYWAY, the point of that ramble was to somewhat unsuccessfully transition into this next thought. I see this blog as a journey of personal geek discovery, my own personal epic quest to level up my geekdom. I am Geek Lite aspiring to be Geek Master. In layman’s terms – I’m decently well-informed, but I am no hero. Yet.

This blog is basically me Googling stuff for funsies, finding out information that’s been around for months/years, then excitedly running here to write about it as if it were news anyway. It could be worse, though. At least I’m not one of those people that sprints to update my Facebook status every time something happens to me, i.e. “omg i just saw a seagull walk by omg omg so cool”, “wtf my bf cheated on me!!!!11!!!”, “my mom died i’m gonna go cry now”, “i am so funny”, “i just pooped.”

I weep for humanity.

(video submitted by Andrew ‘Snuggles’ – thanks, dude!)

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