16 Sep

Last Wednesday, the third and final issue of the X-Force: Sex and Violence series was released. I had a lot of shit to do that day, so I arrived at the comic book store right when it opened and grabbed a copy. Unfortunately, it was the only comic I wanted that week, so when I paid for my singular purchase, I looked like a complete pervert. Like a fat man, picking at his bellybutton through his sweat-stained t-shirt, asking for a nudie mag from behind the convenience store counter. X-Force: Sex and Violence. GODDAMN THAT TITILATING TITLE!

And since we’re on the topic of the X-Men, we’ll continue with it ‘cause that’s the way I roll, yeah, baby – check dis out, biznitch. I be so legitly OCD that I gots to have all my blog entries have an interconnecting, cohesive theme, yo. The first issue of the Uncanny X-Force comes out on October 6th. Check out the trailer below:

For those of you who are too lazy to watch an awesome one minute (and twenty-one seconds) clip, basically the point is that Wolverine assembles a new black-ops X-Force team with Archangel, Psylocke, Deadpool (HUZZAH!), and Fantomex. And they’re gonna kill Apocalypse. Wolverine’s really creative, I know. ANYWAY, that trailer makes it look legitly amazing and I’m super stoked. It should be some bloody, action-packed fun.

Apparently the Archangel/Psylocke romance is going to be rekindled, which I’m happy about only ’cause I’m hoping Deadpool will get to make some cracks about their relationship, maybe try to start a good-natured man-conversation about past sexual conquests. ‘Cause Wolverine gets so much ass. It’s weird – girls don’t really brag about that, they’re not like “oh yeah, there were like, three dicks in my mouth last night, it was AWESOME” or “one guy was in one hole, the other guy was in the other, it was like I was a pig on a spit roast at a Hawaiian barbecue, it was AWESOME.” It’s just harder to use dirty similes in conversation when you’re a chick. Goddammit, I’m jealous of guys.

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