20 Sep

So, it’s my birthday soon. I’m not saying that so I get a shitload of birthday wishes – I’m not an attention whore (love me, please.) I say this because this year, my birthday came early. That’s right. I got a Droid X. Once that beautiful baby comes in the mail, I am going to tear that cardboard box apart like a horny teenage boy tears the clothes off a ready-and-willing chick. I fucking love technology.

I love technology so much that I think the sole reason I like Back to the Future II as much as I do is because of that bit in the futuristic McFly residence where you see all those neat little gadgets, like that ceiling fruit basket and the cell phone glasses and that FUCKING AMAZING HYDRATOR. You know, when Lorraine puts that tiny dehydrated version of a Pizza Hut pizza into that machine and she says something like, “level four” and then a regular-sized pizza comes out? That blows my face off, every time. And the hoverboard! Oh man. I want to marry that entire trilogy; I could watch those over and over again. Or maybe I’d just settle for marrying Marty McFly. He’s cute and funny, I don’t care about height in a guy – we could be good together.

But before I go off on a really uninteresting tangent about Marty McFly’s sex appeal, let’s draw attention to one tiny fact – ELIJAH “FRODO BAGGINS” WOOD IS IN BACK TO THE FUTURE II?! In the scene at the ‘80s diner – Marty goes up to two little kids at the arcade game – Elijah Wood’s one of them. Those beautiful blue eyes have been in so many good movies – Back to the Future II, Lord of the Rings, Sin City, Flipper… yeah, I said Flipper. Yeah, it’s the dolphin movie. Whatever, Flipper pwns Free Willy. Marine mammal battle – won. I feel as if I should mention a cool thing to balance out the Flipper lameness. I’ve seen Terminator 2 too many times to count. That’s cool, right? RIGHT?!

… alright, I’mma distract you now with a fucking hilarious video from the Easter Eggs on the Fellowship of the Ring DVD. Dominic Monaghan plays a prank on Elijah Wood. Enjoy:

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