My Demon, Please.

22 Sep

I was talking to one of my good friends during a lull in my work day on g-chat (G-mail chat for those of you who still are using Hotmail or Yahoo) like the rest of you probably do, when he suddenly asked, “so if you had to choose an otherworldly figure… who would you be with… an angel or a demon?” Quite the random Friday afternoon question, but I guess when you have conversations with your friends debating who you would assemble to defend against a zombie outbreak or the damn Assassin’s Dagger that cost you 7000G but was totally worth it, this is pretty close to reality.

My answer to that question? Honestly, the first thing to pop into my mind was Dante, of Devil May Cry. I blame Facebook‘s ads, as it was the last thing I saw and therefore influenced my decision…. sort of.

I like to try to be as productive as I can during the day–go to work, come back, make food, watch anime while eating food to pass time (because I’m anti-social like that but like to think of this as multi-tasking), then work on some of my cosplay stuff or read manga. So naturally I’m all about productivity and efficiency. Speaking of both traits, bounty hunters, or for me, pistol-toting vampires come to mind. And usually, these “bounty hunters” or crazy, blood-thirsty predators are usually demons. Demons know what they want and they get it done. I’m totally down with that. I mean, Angels are nice and all but let’s face it–demons (if they’re in human form) usually have better clothes and cooler hair, and I’m kind of superficial like that. Also, angels have morals and an active conscience. Sometimes that just translates to being wishy-washy and increases unwanted loitering time in open spaces. (My list does not include vampires, that would be too easy and obvious… ahem Alucard, ahem Vampire Hunter D, ahem Saya…)

Case in point #1: Dante of Devil May Cry

Dante, Devil May Cry

I feel like Adam Lambert would... wear these looks. Image via

I’m still wondering why nobody has created an anime music video of Dante into Samurai Champloo. I could totally see Fuu giving him shit for being in debt again. This draws me to believe that Dante is relatively inexpensive (for hire), because how can someone really be bankrupt for eating strawberry sundaes and pizzas all day?  He also usually gets the job done, so I see this as a win-win on my end, if I were ever to employ him.

Case in point #2: Sebastien Michaelis of Black Butler

I’m aware that this was probably the wrong clip to show how badass Sebastien is but look how fucking efficient he is. Also, this ending sequence is really cute…. < / girlymush >

I don’t really need to expand anymore upon Black Butler. We already know Sebastien is a demonic butler. (Don’t hate me I didn’t ruin anything for you) For the record, “akuma de shitsuji” is one of the best lines in the history of anime. Not only can Sebastien dispose of uninvited guests, he can make an entire platter of breakfast, set the table and trim the lawn all before Ciel even wakes up. Sebastien is highly efficient and he always looks slick even when he’s hurling knives and forks from the ceiling. Maybe it’s just the long hair. Whatever the case, Sebastien makes demons look hot.

Case in point #3: The Claymores

I’m a sucker for badass chicks–I don’t care how butch you say Xena is, she is badass and she could probably also kick you in the baby-maker. So of course Claymore is on this list. Half-human, half-youma, these women don’t give a shit. I’m down with that.

Case in point #4: Larva of Vampire Princess Miyu

Larva / Vampire Princess Miyu

You couldn't tell he was a god-demon. Image via

I admit I was crushing on Larva when I watched VPM as a small girl–I think I was in 4th grade… yeah, I was small then. However his cold attitude really irked me and I thought he was a douchebag (when I was 9, though, I was not aware of that term. Please note.) As the series progressed, Larva eventually warmed up to Miyu and I was secretly rooting for ROMANCE. Of course, that got awkward in the series, so I just accepted that Miyu and Larva became a kick-ass team, and though strong as Miyu was, having Larva around did not hurt one bit, even if his attitude could use some adjusting.

Case in point #5: Elder Toguro of Yu Yu Hakusho

Elder Toguro / Yu Yu Hakusho

This is some crazy shit. Image via


You may wonder why I did not include certain demons on this list. For example, the demons in D. Gray Man. Those demons are stupid and contemplate too many things. Or, any of the demonic beings in Gensoumaden Saiyuki / Dragonball Z (they’re essentially the same story, don’t hate me for that)–I can’t say any of them stood out to me, even though I’m quite familiar with both.

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