Sh*t I’m Excited For This Week… 9/23/10

23 Sep

Ok. So I’m 2 days late in blogging about it–but… I’m going to say this was because I was busy having a life and going out to socialize?

In more ways than one, I love FUNimation. They’ve bought the rights to some of my favorite, older anime – X/1999 (THE ANIME, NOT THE MOVIE), for instance, is one I started purchasing the DVDs for but somehow lost track/got lazy. I still have the original DVD box case from the good old days of Pioneer. Hopefully, FUNimation will re-release X/1999 with something cooler than the embossed foil covers for  the DVD collection. On another note, you probably also know that FUNimation lets you watch anime for FREE! On youtube! I dig that.

And now (for some reason, why didn’t I know this?) I found out that FUNimation is re-releasing one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE ANIME EVER–INITIAL D. Yes, I love Initial D. I used to watch this sweaty-palm inducing anime with my mom after dinner. Remember how I mentioned I was quite the superficial child and only liked to read manga/watch anime with pretty characters? Initial D’s only eye candy are the cars–especially Keisuke’s RX-7. Mazda can thank Initial D for the heightened popularity of that car. I’m not a huge car fiend, but this show has taught me a useful thing or two about cars, and every time I speed down the highway with my coffee I just think about Takumi speeding down Mt. Akina with that cup of water. Even though I gave up watching Initial D at the Third Stage (how do you really top that race between Takumi and Sayuki/Mako????? I still can’t shake it after all these years), Initial D holds a very special place in my heart. A place so special that I was taken aback–in a good way–when I was at the Griffith Observatory at 4am the other night, and my companion remarked (as we peered over the ledge), “Hey… doesn’t this remind you of Initial D?”

Initial D - AE86 Hachi-roku


I’m honestly not 100% enthusiastic about these DVD covers… trying to hold my tongue but I could do a better Photoshop job than that! C’mon! It’s Initial D! One of the greatest anime in the history of anime. If you need convincing; I know a few people who have watched a few episodes here and there but haven’t sat through the First and Second Stages, you should finish Second Stage at least. The race I mentioned above is worth sitting through… oh, 20-some episodes? Sure, this anime is about DRIFTING and CARS, and there AREN’T any BEAUTIFUL MEN or AWESOME MONSTERS OR A LOT OF BLOOD/GORE/BOOBS but as a girl, I was surprised by how much I was entranced with this series. I finished the first two stages in 3 days–my mom too. The character development is astounding–Takumi is at first the indifferent, unmotivated male character you just want to kick due to his utter lack of ambition. But you know he’s secretly a badass. Ryousuke is the badass who actually has a heart. His brother goes through an interesting arc as well, and because I enjoy watching fascinating characters that actually reflect humanity–people change, people lose, people die–Initial D was based on a real lifestyle that many of us are not exposed to. Even Takumi’s annoying girlfriend earns my sympathy (and some disgust) at the end of the First Stage.

Mako/Sayuki - Nissan Sileighty

My favorite female duo (here w/ their Sileighty) besides Xena/Gabrielle. Image via

You don’t have to be into the whole “car” scene to be obsessed with Initial D. The story is just plain addicting, the characters truly unique, and the races INTENSE. I can’t even remember any of the battles from Angelic Layer or Flame of Recca, both of which I also enjoyed as a youth–but something about Initial D just struck a chord within me.

Hachi-roku at Anime Expo 2004

MEMORIEZ - The Menace at Anime Expo 2004. I don't look like that anymore by the way...I swear.

For some reason FUNimation decided to release the later stages before finally unveiling the First Stage, but being that I really only care about the first two stages, I will be ordering this DVD and promptly having an Initial D marathon. This will not be good for my social life considering I’m almost done with the Professor Layton game I got last week.

More info about the re-release of Initial D at FUNimation’s page, here!

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