Where would you put a lifesize Stargate?

25 Sep

Buying props from favourite TV shows has to be the height of geekiness. And, as much as I’d love to go crazy and buy things which would have no purpose but to sit on my shelves and embody my geekiness, I think I’m slightly relieved that I don’t have enough money to do so and attain such heights.

But, if I did, this would be one of my first stops: Stargate Auction. Having a puddle jumper seat as an office chair? Come on!

It’s probably going to be super expensive, though. The following video is an ad for the auction catalogue itself, which costs $45. (I guess they realise that their show’s followers are rich geeks and are perfectly willing to take full advantage of that).

The auction takes place today and tomorrow in Seattle (I know; next time you want more advance warning so that you can actually go). I’ll bet you’d still be able to order the catalogue even after it’s over, if you really wanted to.

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