Shit I’m Excited For! 9/28/10

27 Sep

This week two Blu-Rays come out that I’m super stoked for – Get Him to the Greek and Iron Man 2.

I don’t really blog much about it here, but besides video games, movies, and comic books, I’m also heavy into comedy. That being said, words cannot express how much I adore the Apatow brand of comedy. Superbad was the movie that inspired me to write. It also inspired me to curse a lot more, so… thanks for that horrible habit, dickmouths. But I love ya anyway. Get Him to the Greek is the latest from Apatow & Co – it’s the feature film spin-off of 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which is an AMAZING movie. If you haven’t seen it… go shoot yourself in the genitals), taking the rock star extraordinaire character Aldous Snow and thrusting (heh, thrusting) him into the spotlight. Russell Brand plays Aldous, a down-and-out singer suffering from substance abuse, a fall from fame, and a huge ego. Jonah Hill stars as the the poor record company intern charged with bringing him from London to the Greek Theatre for his anniversary concert. It’s a lot of fun.

In the film, Rose Byrne plays Aldous’ baby momma/on-and-off girlfriend who’s a pop star in the Christina Aguilera/Lady GaGa vein and has two songs in the film, my favorite of which is ‘Ring Round’. It’s about buttsecks. The music video’s linked above. It’s so effin’ funny – I have this shit memorized. Get me drunk enough and I might even perform it for you.

Also coming out on Tuesday is Iron Man 2. It’s the sequel to Iron Man. If you didn’t get that from the whole ‘2’ part… go shoot yourself in the genitals. While Iron Man 2 didn’t even come close to living up to its predecessor (I liked Iron Man better than The Dark Knight. I feel as if nerds are going to hunt me down and kill me in my sleep now), I still enjoyed it. It suffered from a bit of what Spider-Man 3 did – too many players, not enough story – but wasn’t a total shitstorm like Spidey 3. Or maybe I just liked it ’cause I dig anything with Sam Rockwell in it. Moon was an amazing film – check that out NOW. You’ll be thanking me profusely.

And if not for any other reason, watch Iron Man 2 for Scarlett Johansson’s bangin’ bod in a catsuit. Big ol’ titties.

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