Sh*t I’m Excited for This Week… 10/03/10

3 Oct

There’s something weird about Haven, and that’s not just me reiterating the show’s tagline.

The show’s good. When compared to the dramatic standards set by most of SyFy’s TV movies, it’s great! The special effects aren’t horrible; plots are always quite inventive and not that predictable; the acting is believable and the actors are pretty enough to keep watching…it’s a solid foundation, but I can’t quite put my finger on why I only like it, but don’t love it.

I think it’s the dialogue that throws me off. Eureka and Warehouse 13 have similar styles; it’s quirky and offbeat and all about the delivery. But, while the pure charisma of the actors in Eureka means that they can carry the semi-cheesy dialogue and sometimes ridiculous plotlines, Haven’s actors don’t manage to shoulder that burden in the same way. The dialogue ends up being sort of stilted and forced, rather than effortlessly camp, the way it should.

Or, it might just be that I don’t have an awesome OTP to root for. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with fanfic terminology, that’s a One True Pairing: a pair of characters you believe should be together romantically.) As much as I like the characters, my indulgence of my girly-side means that, unless there’s a cute romantic relationship I can root for and go ‘aw’ over, I probably won’t love a show. Duke is rougishly charming, but has a strange face; I think it’s too long and rectangular and that facial hair is so weird! Audrey and Nathan are the only other option, but there’s just so LITTLE every episode, at least on her part.  But, there is potential there, and so I keep watching.

After that glowing review, why should you watch? Even though it’s not one of my favourite shows, I’m still excited about the season finale this week (Friday at 10). The show’s been trying to find its footing all season, and I think it just might do something surprising enough to hook me permanently during the finale. (Plus, shouldn’t we geeks support sci-fi shows that don’t suck so that we get more sci-fi shows that don’t suck?) Here’s hoping for a significant Audrey/Nathan development!

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