Sh*t I’m Excited For This Week… 10/10/10

8 Oct

Wow. I didn’t even realize the date was 10/10/10 when I wrote that. May this day go down in thegspot’s blogging history!

What is truly special about this date in particular, though, is that we, Megawoman and I, are actually going out. That’s right, outside into the sunlight and where the trees breathe. As you can tell, I run two blogs and work a full-time job so… when I do get to go out I get pretty excited. As does Megawoman. I don’t mean to exclude Mighty!Marz from this but I honestly have not met her yet since starting this blog, though she is a great friend of Megawoman’s. I love all her entries, so I guess I could say that she’d be the third cousin I didn’t know was so awesome/have never met in my life.

So, Megawoman and I are going out on a Sunday night, in Hollywood–scandalous, I know.

We’re going to the Halo:Reach The Show performance at the UCB (Upright Citizen’s Brigade) Theatre. Yes, that Halo. You should probably know by now that anytime “halo” is mentioned on this blog, it only refers to one thing and it’s not that Beyonce song.

Nathan Fillion of Castle … ok, Firefly fame (more notably Firefly for us ladies writing this blog) is starring, and Rileah, Michele and Milynn of Team Unicorn are supposedly part of this show.

Nathan Fillion - Firefly

Nathan Fillion in Firefly, image via

Now, Megawoman and I might have a ton of things in common, but we also have many things we stand on complete opposite sides of the coin about. These things include:

1. Boys. I like ’em Asian, she rolls her eyes when we hit up Koreatown.
2. Clothing. I work in the fashion industry, she wears the same thing every time we hang out.
3. Team Unicorn. She blogged about them, I don’t have that much respect for them because they pronounced “manga’ incorrectly. (Yeah, yeah, yeah I’m one of THOSE snobs…) At least they did not cosplay fail–you know exactly what I mean by THAT.

I am honestly lukewarm about Nathan Fillion and could care less about Team Unicorn, but I do like Halo.

Tickets are still on sale for $5 (you must reserve), so if you’re in the area on Sunday night, or you are a rabid Nathan Fillion fangirl or Team Unicorn fangirl/fanboy, this might be worth checking out.

More info at UCB’s official site, here.

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