Batman III Villain Thesis (I of IV)

11 Oct

I haven’t been keeping up to date on the latest rumours and news about the 3rd Batman movie, so I have no idea if they’ve announced who the villains are going to be yet. Just thought I’d put that out there before I start my long and rambly dissertation on who I think should and shouldn’t be the villain(s) in the next movie.

Additional clarification: when I say the ‘3rd’ Batman movie, I mean the inevitable sequel to Batman Begins (“BB”) and The Dark Knight (“TDK”) that I think they’re already working on.

And when I say long, I mean relatively long. (It’s been edited, but is in multiple instalments for a reason.)


Analysis of the villains so far and what they’ve taught us about Batman

Part I: BB

1. Carmine Falcone: generic mob boss.

  • He was great to lay the foundation of the corrupt state of the city and show exactly what a new Batman had to confront.
  • The way that his influence was shown to extend pervasively showed the audience the extent of the criminal element that Batman has to eradicate from his city.
  • Plus, generic mob boss = perfect starter/training villain for a Batman who’s just learning how to do his job.


2. Scarecrow: a minor enough villain that he didn’t take over the movie, but still a recognizable Batman name.

  • He’s a great starter villain: scary, but not too difficult to beat up or outthink.
  • Bringing the drugs and psychosis in as an aspect of his villainy works as a stepping stone that allows for the more extreme and crazy villains to come along later.
  • Plus, he got a small cameo at the start of the second movie illustrating how useless Arkham’s security is, also a good theme to set for future villains.

3. Ra’s al Ghul: an epic Batman nemesis, so it was great that he was prominent in BB.

  • Yes, he died (I’m still holding out hope for the Lazarus pits) but BB made sure to stress the importance of his relationship with Bruce before he did; the mentor-must-die storyline was well done for once.
  • The struggle with the League was sufficiently dramatic and epic, and showed that Batman’s villains could be more than just Gothamites: they’re international and bigger than he can handle.

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  1. The Menace October 11, 2010 at 9:48 pm #

    Cillian Murphy is so. hot.

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