Batman III Villain Thesis (II of IV)

12 Oct


Analysis of the villains so far and what they’ve taught us about Batman

Part II: TDK

Two Face: The storyline was good; just not enough long for my taste.

  • The way they juxtaposed Harvey’s light with Batman’s darkness? So good!
  • Overall, well done (I’m not arguing that) but I wish they’d kept him alive so that he could be a continuing villain. Having the villains in the next movie be Two-Face plus others would have been my first choice; it would show continuity in the same way as Scarecrow showing up at the start of TDK.
  • I loved the way they showed him break, but I think it ended too quickly; he broke and then he died and he just wasn’t given the chance to be evil for very long.

The Joker: obviously, and unarguably, the BEST portrayal of the Joker to date.

  • He was perfectly creepy, just the right balance of crazy and charismatic and disturbing. He had no explanatory backstory, just the way he should have; he was just there, and he was this unexplained evil who challenged Batman in the way that a true nemesis should.
  • It was perfect. That’s going to be difficult to top in the threequel, especially because Heath Ledger is dead (found about that through Facebook and wow it’s weird to get news that way). Although they’ve set the precedent for replacing actors, I don’t know if they can pull it off to bring him back (not only because they’d have to find someone with a performance to match, but because there are awkward politeness issues with someone taking over the role because he’s dead now). Hopefully they’ll somehow include his presence without actually showing him.

And, of course, TDK still had the generic mobsters showing that that problems in Gotham hadn’t just disappeared when Falcone went down. TDK was also international aspect again, making the city exist in a larger universe (and I’m really hoping that it leads to an introduction of other superheroes from different cities. I’d love to see a Nolanverse take on any of the other DC heroes)

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