Batman III Villain Thesis (IV of IV)

14 Oct


Potentials for the next movie: Better Options

Bane: a recognizable name to anyone who knows Batman.

He’s smart, has articulated political and moral beliefs, and still has the comic book strength.

He can be a pure ‘strong man’ for Batman to display his fighting abilities; although Batman fought LoS ninjas in the first movie, there weren’t as many opportunities for serious fighting skills to be displayed in TDK. Bane’s strength comes from weird fluids being pumped into him; given Scarecrow’s use of drugs in BB, it’s a believable premise that fits in with Nolanverse.

But, the problem is that he breaks Batman… literally. He was there to challenge, and deal a serious blow to, an established Batman; a Batman who had set up his stable, crime-fighting practice in Gotham; who had a family to support him; who already has the ‘cool’ factor of the goddamn Batman as an integral and confirmed part of his character.

Unless there’s been a pretty significant time lapse between TDK and the 3rd movie, Batman just won’t be at that point in his storyline. At this point, he’s still n00b!Batman; he’s still exploring his job and figuring out his position in Gotham. He doesn’t need a villain as major as Bane to bring him would be overkill.

Poison Ivy: would be one of the best choices, in my opinion.

She has an environmental preservation aspect, which could bring in relevant and current political and moral issues, both for depth in the movie and to give the fictional setting more substance.

Plus, she’s a girl! She can bring sexiness and seduction without emotional involvement. Nolanverse Batman hasn’t had to deal with a female villain yet, and I think he needs to. The problem is that there aren’t really many female Batman villains who aren’t just sidekicks (Ex: Harley, Queen of Hearts, even Talia).

Despite Uma Thurman’s hair in the Batnipples movie, Poison Ivy could be pulled off in a modern, and believable way for Nolanverse (maybe as an ecoterrorist?).

The Riddler: the other major villain who’d would be a good choice.

He’s got the traditional Batman mental craziness, and he’s not so bonkers that he’d be unbelievable in Nolanverse.

Since they managed to pull off the purple Joker costume almost elegantly, I have faith that they could make that green question-mark suit work for him.

His use of riddles and clues gives Batman a chance to exercise and show off his brain/detective skills. One of the most important elements of the Batman character is that he’s not only extremely well trained, but that he’s practically a genius. Although we’ve seen in BB and TDK that he can solve problems with his brain (and with help from Lucius and Alfred and his money etc), I really want Bruce to showcase the fact that he is usually one of the smartest people in the room.

Agree/Disagree? Can you think of anyone I should have considered?

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