Sh*t I’m Excited for This Week… 10/24/10

24 Oct

I don’t like scary things, and yet I’m excited about AMC’s The Walking Dead. Why? I have NO idea. I think I’m just a masochist.

Based on a comic book (which I haven’t really read much of because zombies are too scary for me, but have heard good things about from entirely too many sources), this show looks awesome. It seems like it’ll be a supremely well-done zombie movie except it’ll be extended to TV show length. I think it will be brilliant because there’s so much you can do with the zombie apocalypse scenario, and movies just aren’t long enough to fully explore the concept.

I guess I’m just a sucker for post-apocalyptic scenarios in general: the desperation, the new and unstable socio-political systems, the drama of being the last survivors…the zombies, too.

AMC’s production values are always excellent, so that alone would make the show worth it. Plus, the happy song that accompanies the trailer makes me feel like it won’t give me nightmares…and maybe I’ll even be able to go into dark rooms on my own…maybe.

And it stars Andrew Lincoln, of Love Actually fame. The following picture should explain why I’m already rooting for his new role.

Ninety minute season premiere is on October 31st, 2010 (nice timing, AMC) and, if I can watch it with the ability to pause if it gets too scary, I’ll be watching… with all the lights on.

One Response to “Sh*t I’m Excited for This Week… 10/24/10”

  1. The Menace October 28, 2010 at 1:46 am #

    I totally am going to watch this too, if I’m not drunk.

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