27 Oct

I have great taste in television. Not to brag. Veronica Mars, Arrested Development, Firefly – just to name a few. I preface my entry with this so you’ll understand the gravity of my statement when I say that Misfits is my favorite television show. Ever.

Misfits is a British program that airs on e4, the network that houses the teen dramas Skins and The Inbetweeners (both of which are worth a looksee if you ever have a hankering for episodes of forty-some minutes worth of accents. Tasty.) The plot summary of the show’s a little silly – five teenage offenders are put together in a community service program for various crimes they’ve committed. One day a huge lightning storm overtakes the city and they all get superpowers. Sounds stupid, right? WRONG. It’s fucking brilliant. Unabashed in its brashness, Misfits combines just the right amount of comedy and drama, boasting a great cast and flawless dialogue. It sucks you in and doesn’t let go, much like a crazy ex-girlfriend. Except way more enjoyable.

I won’t summarize any further for fear of doling out spoilers. And Moses knows how much I hate spoilers. Suffice it to say, it’s legit. Blow-your-face-off awesome. Rapidly-cooling-semen-on-your-stomach orgasmic. Plus… Robert Sheehan’s (who plays Nathan, easily the best character in the show) a stone cold fox with impeccable comedic timing that would make (insert your favorite comedian’s name here) jealous.

The first season was a very short six episodes long, so catching up won’t be a big deal – WATCH IT, DAMMIT. Those whom I’ve converted to the show will testify for me when they say that they don’t regret it. Misfits‘ second season begins on November 11th in the UK. Check out the trailer below. SPOILER ALERT.

And if you’re still not sold? There’s an homage to The Big Lebowski in episode four. Hell. Yeah.

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