Uncharted 2 in the hizzouse!

2 Nov

IGN.com recently released a list of the top 25 PlayStation 3 games and I promised myself I’d play at least one of them that I hadn’t gotten to yet. And of course, like a fat girl goes immediately for the muffins on the snack table at a company meeting, I beelined for number one: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

As of the time I’m writing this blog entry, I’m about halfway through the game and it’s been epic fun. Our devilishly handsome hero (I think I have a bit of a crush… alright, a HUGE crush), Nathan Drake, is a tongue-in-cheek roguish fortune hunter on a quest to find the secret behind Marco Polo’s lost fleet. Uncharted 2 is great in that it feels like you’re playing through an action adventure movie – it has treasure, sidekicks, guns, chase scenes, the works.

In everything I watch, read, play, listen to, or do, one of the most important factors in deciding if I’ll like it is whether or not it has a sense of humor. Fortunately, Uncharted 2 delivers in this category. Even though it’s primarily an adventure game, it manages to slide in some pretty hilarious dialogue every now and then. I attribute this success to the fact that Nathan Drake is a very well-written character, and the rapport between him and his various teammates is well-scripted. I especially like his interactions with Chloe Frazer, his dark-haired buxom beauty of a companion. Straight dudes – this game’s worth playing for this chick. She’s foxy. Tits like grapefruits and an ass like two perfectly-shaped cantaloupes put together. I want a fruit bowl.

The game has the perfect balance between cut scenes and gameplay – neither becomes tedious. The camera motion is also amazingly designed, again – it strikes a perfect balance in that it guides you to your next step without leaving you in the dark or assuming you’re a retard. And, in all my hours of gameplay thus far, I haven’t had a moment where I let out a string of curse words (FUCKYOUMOTHERFUCKINGFUCKTARDFUCKYOURFUCKHOLEARRRRRGH) because the camera got me stuck in a position where I can’t shoot straight.

Overall, Uncharted 2 deserves its title as best PS3 game of the year so far. It’s engaging, fun, and remarkably addicting. Trust me. I sat on my ass for six hours playing it and didn’t even realize I was about to piss my pants from the three cups of tea I’d had.

Fun Fact: Nathan Fillion, star of Firefly (but you should’ve already known that), is campaigning to play Nathan Drake in the upcoming movie adaptation of the game. He’s doing this through his Twitter (http://twitter.com/nathanfillion) and you can support him by using the hashtag #fillionfordrake. It’s a PERFECT fit. You can trust me. Now, get in the windowless van cuz I’ve got some candy for ya.

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