A ray of hope in light of Skynet’s inevitable rise

3 Nov

Anyone else worried about the upcoming robot apocalypse? I think I have news that might help ease your fears a little. Robots will soon be able to  feel!

Well, kinda. They’ll potentially have artificial skin which allows them to touch and feel that way.  (UC Berkeley Press Release).


Bet I know who's squeezing more tightly.


So, in the future, not only does it mean that they’re more likely to be able to appreciate things like the soft fur of fluffy kittens (Gratuitous Kitten Pictures), but I’m sure that it means they could also feel eventually feel pain.

I am soft and squishy and robots are metal and very hard to bring down. In the event that Skynet overtly takes over (with the amount of satellite and other surveillance already in place and the pervasiveness of technology in our society, you know it’s probably already conscious and surreptitiously manipulating us even as you read this), I want to take comfort in the knowledge that setting this thing on fire while whacking at it ineffectually with a baseball bat is still going to have some minimal effect.


My weapon(s) of choice for the zombie apocalypse too


Next step = emotion chips a la Bladerunner, right? Or A.I. Or Bicentennial Man. Or any of the million other robot movies where we deal with our fears about being eradicated by superior beings that we’d created by giving them emotions and foibles and eventually defeating them (with lotsa explosions)….

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