Time Travel Mart Expedition Log

19 Dec

The Intercalary Scanner I cobbled together last week was finally able to narrow down the temporal anomaly to the Echo Park area. Used the last of my paper money to hire a yellow conveyance called a ‘Taxi’ which delivered me to the area.
(Note to other travellers: Exorbitant prices for such a sluggish and primitive method of land-transport not solely due to high Cred-to-Dollar exchange rate in time of origin, but attributed to the social norms of the 21st century Los Angeles metropolitan area).

Residual rift energy left in my H.G.W. Protective Contacts for Temporal Travel (TM) enabled me to detect the Echo Park Time Travel Mart. Located in a pocket dimension, it exists outside of linear time and is imperceptible to anyone who has not travelled through space-time rifts or inter-planetary wormholes.

Ordered a temporalator and the chronometrical coil replacement needed to repair the flux capacitor and was informed that it had arrived yesterday. Sort of.

Also picked up spare antennae extension for MX-1510 (who knew that AIs could complain so much about wireless signal strength?) and some Caveman Chew Candy for Ugg (he’s been pretty quiet since the second Renaissance/Mesozoic era trip we took last Earth cycle and I think it’ll cheer him up).

Had to refrain from buying the Aeon Bottled Time because, no matter how much I could use that spare year, I know I’ll just waste it watching retro television shows on that antique Blu-ray player I bought myself for TheWinterHolidayOfYourChoice.

Have documented relevant store inventory for future (and past) travels here.

One Response to “Time Travel Mart Expedition Log”

  1. Nicole December 20, 2010 at 8:36 pm #

    Hahaha, very nice Marize.

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